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How to prepare for baby in 2022? We get asked this question a lot. So we are sharing this Preparing for Baby in 2022: Complete Checklist to help you get ready for baby's arrival. With a bit of advanced planning and organization, you'll be ready for baby's debut this year!

With so many tasks to take care of, things to buy and details to arrange-preparing for baby can seem overwhelming. We've seen parents-to-be scramble at the last minute to line everything up and parents who take their time working through the pregnancy to check items off the checklist.  But, if you give yourself enough time to plan and sort the tasks, the journey along the way becomes more fun and less stressful.

Our Preparing for Baby in 2022: Complete Checklist guides you through the months, helping you to manage your time and making sure you are getting ready for baby's arrival, without the overwhelm.




  • Start taking your multi vitamins

Most probably, you are already taking a prenatal vitamin. If not, it's time to start taking a prenatal vitamin with the recommended 400 micrograms (mcg) of folic acid during pregnancy to help prevent birth defects of your baby's brain and spinal cord. 

  • SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT WITH a health care provider

Your first prenatal visit usually happens around your eighth week of pregnancy but scheduling the appointment is definitely something to take care of early on. 

  • Go through current medications

If you are currently taking any OTC or prescribed medications, you might want to check with a pharmacist to make sure the medications are safe. A pharmacist can review risks and benefits of continuing medications during a pregnancy and recommend appropriate alternatives if needed

  • Quit smoking

CDC recommends that pregnant women should quit smoking because smoking during pregnancy would put them and their developing babies at risk for health problems. Smoking during pregnancy can cause babies to be born too small or too early (preterm birth), certain birth defects, and stillbirth (CDC).

  • Cut out alcohol

The CDC also recommends that pregnant women stop consuming any alcohol during pregnancy for the benefit of baby's health and well being. Here's a great resource from CDC that might answer any of your lingering questions about alcohol and pregnancy.

  • Reduce caffeine intake

For so many of us, this is incredibly hard but reducing caffeine intake is often recommended. Read this article from the March of Dimes for more information about caffeine intake during pregnancy.

  • Figure out what foods to avoid during pregnancy

There are certain foods that can affect your health or baby's health during pregnancy. Read this article from the Mayo Clinic which details what foods to avoid during pregnancy.

  • Stock up on essentials for morning sickness relief

Morning sickness can happen at any time of the day or night and it's quite common during the first trimester though some women have it through the entirety of their pregnancy. 

Luckily, there are some remedies that can provide relief from constantly feeling nauseous. Here's an article from the American Pregnancy Association how to ease morning sickness.



The first prenatal care visit will be somewhat longer than the other visits and includes medical history, blood tests, a physical exam, conversations about concerns, lifestyle and anything else. 

  • Have the first ultra sound 

Yay!  The first ultrasound is usually done between 7 and 8 weeks to verify your due date, to look for a fetal heartbeat, and to measure the length of the baby from “crown to rump.”  At this ultrasound, you may get to see or hear your baby’s heartbeat and find out if you are expecting one baby, twins( or more). Here's a wonderful article WebMD on what to expect during the first ultra sound.

  • Buy a maternity bra

A lot will certainly change with your body but most often, it's the breasts that changes rapidly. You'll notice your regular bras getting tighter and more uncomfortable to wear. A maternity bra on the other hand is designed to comfortably support your growing breasts during pregnancy with wider straps, soft cotton lining, and extra hooks and eyes on the band. 

  • Start doing pelvic floor exercises

It's never too early to start your pelvic floor exercises. Pelvic floor exercises help to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. During pregnancy, these muscle come under so much strain and if you don't start strengthening them, you may find that you leak urine when you cough, sneeze or strain. 

  • Decide when and how to announce the pregnancy to family

Deciding when to announce the pregnancy to family really depends on your personal circumstances and is a personal decision. Many parents-to-be wait until the end of the first trimester, around week 13,  to tell friends and family about their pregnancy. 

How to announce the pregnancy depends on how creative you want to be. Here's some of our favorite ways to announce pregnancy to parents. The grandparents are going to be elated with the joyous news!

  • Start moisturizing the belly

Picking a good stretch mark cream and using it diligently through the pregnancy will make a huge difference on how your skin bounces back after pregnancy.

There are some cult favorite stretch mark creams and the Bio Oil is always at the top of the list. It’s safe to use during pregnancy, and is good for preventing new stretch marks and healing old ones. We also love that it’s fragrance-free and contains antioxidants like vitamin E and vitamin A along with herbal extracts like lavender, chamomile, and sunflower oil. Even Kim Kardashian has previously raved about the Bio oil and wrote in her blog that she applied it "like crazy" during her pregnancies. 

preparing for baby 2022


  • Start a pregnancy journal

Take it from a mom whose being there before- the next few months are going to fly by and before you know it, you'll be holding your baby. Start journaling so you have a record of this beautiful journey.


  • Schedule and complete first trimester screenings

The first trimester screening is usually scheduled between 11-14 weeks of pregnancy and involves screening for baby's risk of certain chromosomal conditions. This article on the First Trimester Screening covers just about everything you need to know to prepare for the tests.

  • Build a budget for when baby joins the family

Getting your finances lined up is one of the most important parts of preparing for your baby in 2022. There's so much additional expenses you'll have to factor in from day care expenses to baby supplies and more. Try this excellent First Year Baby Cost Calculator to help you figure out what you're likely to spend during your baby's first year so you can budget accordingly.


  • Start an exercise routine

If you aren't exercising regularly, now is the time to start a consistent fitness routine so your body can be strong enough to endure all the changes and to recover after baby's birth. Here's a great resource from The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists about exercise during pregnancy.

  • Schedule second trimester screenings

The second trimester screening are usually done when you are 18-20 weeks. Just like the first trimester screenings, these are also a series of blood tests called multiple markers that look for information about your risk of having a baby with certain genetic conditions or birth defects. Read this excellent resource from John Hopkins Medical about the common tests during pregnancy.

  • Check out birth classes

For a lot of first time parents- birth classes can be immensely helpful to build confidence as you think about giving birth, to learn about birthing and options involved and to help put together a birth plan. During this time of Covid-19, most of the hospitals are offering birth classes virtually, in order to minimize potential exposure to COVID-19. It's a good time to check with your health care provider to see what classes are available to you.

  • Start child care search

Preparing for baby in 2022, involves looking for child care early on. It can be a challenge finding child care services and it's never too early to start looking at options. Most of the child care providers have long wait lists-so do put your baby's name on the list ASAP.

  • Share the news with your boss

You've announced the pregnancy to family but have you spoken to your boss yet? Let your boss know the good news and just let them  know you'll follow up with them in a few months about maternity leave and so forth.

  • Think about maternity leave options

Definitely take some time to look up maternity leave options that's available to you. Some states and individual employers offer paid parental leave, but not all. You'll need to speak with Human Resources to find out about your options. 

  • Plan a gender reveal

Soon ,you'll have the opportunity to find out if you are expecting a baby girl or a baby boy. Do you want to find out at the ultra sound or do you want to host a gender reveal party, where you'll learn the sex of the baby at the same time that your guests would? If you are inclined to host a gender reveal party, it could be as simple as you like with a cake or cupcakes or as elaborate as you like with an over the top reveal.


  • Shop for maternity clothes

At some point, you'll know- when it's time to go shopping for maternity clothes.

  • Start sleeping on your side

You might notice that getting a good nights sleep is harder than ever! Try sleeping on your sides because it provides the best circulation for you and your baby. Read this article on Best Sleeping Positions during Pregnancy from the American Pregnancy Association.

  • Find out( or not) baby's gender

A second ultra sound that's performed between 18-22 weeks should help you figure out your baby's gender-that is only if you decide to find out!

  • Start planning your baby's nursery

From the day you found out you are expecting, you've probably dreamed about the nursery you are going to decorate for your baby. Now is the time to put the nursery design plan together.

As experts in baby nurseries- this is where Nursery Design Studio can help you. Read this step by step guide to find out how to design a nursery you'll love. Checkout these baby girl nursery ideas or baby boy nursery ideas. Here are the biggest nursery design trends for 2022 and here are the hottest nursery designs we expect to see everywhere this year.

  • Create a baby registry

As you prepare for baby in 2022, one of the most important things you'll do is create a baby registry. Your friends, and family will want to give you gifts, and you'll  have a lot of baby essentials/ baby gear, you'll need to buy. A baby registry allows everyone to be on the same page- they gift you what you desire and you get exactly what you need to take care of baby. No unnecessary items, no duplicates!

Putting together a baby registry can be a bit overwhelming. But we've got you covered! Here is our Newborn Checklist: Everything you need for a new baby in 2022. We also put together a 2022 Baby Registry Checklist that goes into more details with specific product recommendations. Read this for the 2022 Best Baby Gear Picks.

  • Think about a birth plan

Have you had any time to think about a birth plan. Here's a great tool from The Bump to help you put your birth plan together.

  • Plan a babymoon

Preparing for baby in 2022, also means nurturing you and your relationship with your partner. A babymoon is a pre-baby trip to relax, recharge, and spend quality time with your partner before the baby comes. The best time to plan the babymoon is your second trimester, between 14 and 28 weeks into your pregnancy, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologist.

  • Schedule a maternity photo shoot

Just like a pregnancy journal, a maternity photo shoot helps you document the pregnancy. Most photographers recommend taking maternity photographs between 30 - 36 weeks when the bump will be nice and round but you are not too tired and uncomfortable. But you'll need to schedule one on the books now. Look at these gorgeous maternity photo shoot ideas.


  • Think about your baby shower

A friend, co-worker, sister or mom can host your baby shower. Here's a baby shower planning checklist and a baby shower guide.

  • Take the test for gestational diabetes

Between 24 and 28 weeks of pregnancy, you'll likely be screened for gestational diabetics. Here's an article from the Mayo Clinic on gestational diabetics and how to prepare for the screening.

  • Finalize the nursery design plan

By now, you should have your nursery design plan together with the nursery layout, nursery furniture, nursery decor and nursery paint colors- all picked out.

  • Get your nursery furniture and décor orders in

Global supply chain disruptions have delayed the delivery of many items including nursery furniture. We've seen lead times for cribs and nursery dressers that are incredibly long  unfortunately. Our best piece of advise- get your nursery furniture orders in as early as you can friend!


  • Get started with decorating the nursery

While you await your furniture deliveries, get the room prepared. Are you painting the nursery walls? Perhaps, you are hanging a wall paper? Or maybe you've decided to create a nursery accent wall.


  • Tour hospital

Lot's of hospital have canceled hospital tours because of Covid-19. Check with your provider about the tours and/or if there's a virtual tour.

  • Look for a pediatrician

Preparing for baby in 2022, means you've got to choose a pediatrician to take of your baby once he/she arrives. Ask for recommendations from relatives, friends, and doctors you know. Make sure to check with your insurance company's website to see if the doctors are in your plan.

You can arrange to meet a pediatrician before the baby is born. Here are some questions to ask the pediatrician during that interview.

  • Finish setting up the nursery

Continue working on the nursery setup. Assemble the furniture as you receive them. Hang window treatments in nursery and install nursery lighting.

  • Stock up on household essentials

As you prepare for baby's arrival, considering stockpiling on household essentials so you have everything you need at home before baby’s debut! Download the complete stockpiling list here.

  • Decide on the baby names

Picking the perfect name can be one of the most difficult decisions parents have to make as they prepare for baby's arrival.


Nesting during pregnancy is the overwhelming desire to get your home ready for your new baby. If you are feeling a burst of energy to prepare your home, here's a nesting checklist of everything you can do around the house to get the "nest" cleaned and organized.


As you nest and prepare for baby's arrival, consider making some pre-made freezer meals that you know you and your partner will love. The last thing you'll want to do with a newborn is spend time cooking and having a stash of healthy freezer meals can literally make your postpartum life so much easier.


  • Assemble the baby gear

There's a ton of baby gear- coming you way. Slowly, start to assemble the gear.

  • Install the car seat

It is a good time to install your infant car seat in preparation for baby's arrival.

  • Wash baby's clothes and bedding

Organizing the nursery closet and the nursery dresser makes all the sense. Wash baby's clothes, fold and organize in anticipation of baby's arrival.

  • Pack the hospital bag

You should have your bag ready to go just in case you go into labor before your due date. Here's our hospital bag checklist.

  • Make childcare arrangements for older kids ( & don't forget the pets.

When preparing for baby in 2022, don't forget to  arrange childcare for older siblings as well as pet care for your furry friends.


  • Get a massage

  • Watch lots of movies

  • Spend time with significant other

  • RELAX, RELAX, RELAX while you await the bundle of joy!

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