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Indulge us in a stylish conundrum that has been playing peek-a-boo in baby rooms. What, you may ask, shall we do with the myriad of bows, those oh-so-expressive hairbands, playful hair clips and a mélange of adorable hair accessories crowning your little one's style?

Picture this: chic storage containers, arranged in harmonious order, housing those tiny capricious hair accessories. Or, how about tiered baskets, each layer a degree more charming as you go, enchants as a whimsical storage solution? Better still, a shiny jewelry stand might flirt with your aesthetic senses, propping up the accessories with grace and style.

But, we don't stop at practical, we aim for a dash of panache – a creative wall display maybe? Imagine those adorable bows, clips, and bands doubling as wall art! It's a win-win situation where utility weds aesthetics, creating a joyful fiesta of fashionable nursery organization.

Below, shop our favorite hair accessory storage. 

Let the curtain rise on a world brimming with ingenious nursery storage solutions, ushering in the age of polished practicality—one nursery at a time!


1.Furniture That Pulls Double-Duty

You know, it's not at all unusual to transform the coziest corner of your house into a charming nursery. It's a common sight, but we know, the thought of making everything work in a tight space can seem like quite the mission.

Embrace a stylish nursery dresser that does double-duty as a sleek changing station, doubling as a home for the adorable jumpsuits and baby booties.

Now, isn't it a delight when our decor wears more than one hat? Sink your feet into a plush ottoman or footstool that not only adds to the comfort of your nursing nook, but also stows away baby's playthings. And as for the blankets and darling little sweaters, a modern crib with practical drawers tucked neatly underneath becomes quite the game-changer.

Below are some of our favorite double duty nursery furnishings.


Let's muse over an ongoing trend that still has us swooning—the stylish infusion of natural elements in nursery designs! Can you think of anything more divine? Why not introduce these chic vibes into your nursery with storage solutions that are both elegant and practical?

Engage the artistry of woven baskets to house your baby's treasure trove of toys and books—think of it as creating adorable mini-libraries all around!
Even the inevitable pile of laundry can meet its stylish match: a woven clothes hamper, transforming the everyday necessity into a fashionable statement.

And oh, we cannot overlook the charm of rattan shelves! They dance on the walls, creating enchanting nooks that cradle your baby's favorite reads while adding a dash of tropical whimsy.

Here are some of our favorite nature inspired nursery storage solutions.


Let's chat about another trend taking the nursery storage world by storm— open style bookcases. Imagine this: chic rows of precious little books paired with whimsical accessories, a fascinating tableau skillfully arranged on creatively crafted shelves. It's an alluring sight, isn't it?

These open bookcases aren't just being used in nursery designs for their chic aesthetics, but also for the supreme functionality they offer. These bookcases are visually delightful while wonderfully practical.

Below are some of our favorite open style bookcases for the nursery.


Let's talk about the wonderful magic of bins and organizers. As simple as they may seem, they truly are lifesavers when it comes to nursery storage solutions. Imagine these chic organizers, diligently cradling everything from your cute cuddly toys to the adored childhood classics or those soft, comforting swaddles—all neatly arranged and within arm's reach. Isn't it an endearing picture?

Now here's the best part, these handy helpers come in just about every shape, style, and material you could ever desire! Oh, the joy of discovering the ideal bin or organizer tailored to your nursery style is simply delightful!

Here are some gorgeous bins and organizers to add to the nursery.


Like the trusty toolkit every chic fashionista has tucked in her closet for emergencies, a stylish and well-stocked portable diaper caddy is your companion in navigating the unpredictable world of parenthood with grace. After all, a quick fix is just a chic reach away when the inevitable strikes!

So, nestle all those diapering essentials into a smartly-designed caddy and ever-so-subtly sidestep the potential drama of diaper emergencies. 


You see, nursery shelves aren't merely practical space-savers—they offer a stage, a spotlight if you will, to curate designs that make your heart sing.

Whether you're a connoisseur of the sleek and sophisticated, leaning towards crisp clean lines, or you tend to sway towards the endearing artistry of tastefully orchestrated chaos, shelves are your stylist sidekicks just waiting to spring into action.

Here are some of our favorite nursery shelf ideas for the baby's room.


Elegant etageres and chic shelving units taking center stage in your nursery design. It's a sight we can't help but adore. Isn't it simply divine? These stars of the show not only offer a place to store and display your darling little one's accessories but they're also total scene-stealers, adding that coveted visual oomph and a perfect balance to your space.

8. Clothes HAMPERS

Let's weave some magic into that nursery of yours and keep those floors as clear as can be! How, you ask? With a fabulous, ever-reliable laundry hamper nestled right next to your chic changing station.

Think about it, our little ones are renown for their series of daily outfit changes—each more adorable than the last! But then comes the unavoidable pile-up of outfits to wash. And that's where a fabulous piece of practical style—like a nursery hamper—comes in. 


Have you ever considered the magical power of wall hooks in your nursery's symphony of design? Now, these aren't just any regular hooks—we're talking chic aesthetic savers, utility magicians that can literally lift your storage game!

We absolutely adore employing wall hooks to expertly cater to baby's dazzling array of necessities. Be it a smart diaper bag waiting for its next adventure, those irresistibly fluffy towels that envelop your little one in a gentle hug or the cute accessories that add the perfect finishing touch—it all finds a chic home on these hooks.


Pegboards are masters in playing the 'vertical' game. Just think about making use of that blank wall, and turning it into an intriguing vertical playground of organization and style. How satisfying, right?

While being an absolute pro at taming the chaos, these pegboard organizers also flirt with aesthetics. They become your personal canvas to peg and place baby's essential items—the bibs, the hats, the soft little socks—each item weaving its own story.


Let's chat about a top-notch nursery storage solution and trust us, it's as chic as it is practical. Picture this, your baby girl's collection of colorful bows, cutesy headbands, and whimsy hair clips—all becoming inspiring strokes of color in your nursery canvas rather than contributors to clutter.

Doesn't that sound divine? Hold on to that thought and let's bring it to life with one of these fabulous organizer systems—that not only help keep all those little hair accessories in order but do so with an irresistible touch of style!

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