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Discovering that perfect dresser changing table for your nursery may feel like finding a needle in the quintessential haystack. But fret not, you've absolutely stepped into the right space. We have a delectable line-up of the star nursery dresser changing tables of 2024, just for you.

Over the years, we've designed not just tens or twenties, but hundreds of luxurious, comforting, and functional nurseries. But, if there's one hill we'll always choose to stylishly die on, it's this: the indomitable presence of a nursery dresser changing table. Let's consider it our decor mantra, if you will.

Now, let's spill the beans on why you should totally welcome this functional trooper into your nursery. A well-chosen nursery dresser changing table isn’t just a decor piece, it's the Swiss Army knife of your baby’s room. What else could seamlessly store your baby’s adorable outfits, cater to the nonstop demand for fresh diapers, keep those essential bedtime storybooks within reach, and still manage to look absolutely captivating?

Consider it a central hub, a staging area for those memorable and (dare we say) a tad messy moments you'll share with your little one. It’s the workhorse bearing the dual responsibility of practicality and aesthetics.

So, let's make space for chic functionality and welcome a carefully picked nursery dresser changing table. It’s not just a decor element, but a splendid constant in the ever-evolving world of your precious baby.  


Size, It Matters: We’re kicking things off with a healthy dose of practicality! Measure your nursery space first, keeping in mind the other pieces you need to fit in. Remember, your nursery dresser needs to play a part in the room, not hog the whole stage.

Storage Galore: You’d be amazed at how much stuff a tiny tot requires! Aim for a dresser with enough drawers to keep you sorted through diapers, cute onesies, and the hellfire of quick changing emergencies. Your future self will thank you.

Durability, Please: This is a longer-term investment. You want a dresser that will last and adapt as your kiddo graduates from onesies and diapers to superhero capes and art supplies!

Safety First: Look for nursery dressers with safety features such as anti-tip kits and drawer stops. Your baby's safety takes precedence over everything else, doesn’t it?

Style Factor: Who says utility can’t be uber-chic? Choose a dresser that speaks to your stylistic soul. Rustic farmhouse, mid-century mod, or sleek contemporary—they all have something stunner to offer!

Convertible?! Yes, please: Many dresser changing tables have removable toppers. That means your changing table can eventually convert into a standard dresser as your kiddo grows. How's that for long-term thinking?

Put the ‘C’ in Comfort: Last but not least, it's gotta work for you. Ensure the dresser is at an ergonomic height, preventing backache from bending over too often. After all, you'll be spending quite a bit of time at this diapering station!



As we look at the best nursery dresser changing tables for 2024, prepare to be astounded by the extraordinary charm of the extra-wide Fillmore Dresser Changing Table. This isn't just a dresser; it's the statement piece every nursery yearns for.

Let's swoop into Anne's nursery below. The Fillmore, in its resplendent weathered-white finish, sparkles like a diamond amidst the intoxicating deep-green oasis. Isn't it breathtaking? True to its name, the Fillmore fills more than just diapers—it fills the room with an enviable aura of elegance.

Let's chat about the functionality. You'll soon find that the world of teeny-tiny baby clothes is deceivingly expansive. Brace yourself for an avalanche of the cutest onesies, hats, socks... you name it, you've got it. And where are you going to store all these goodies?

Enter Fillmore, the dependable manager of baby wardrobe chaos. With its four large and four small drawers, this grandeur piece guarantees to manage your storage woes today, tomorrow, and all the way through those teen years. Now, that's what we call a wise investment!

Did we forget to mention the removable topper for diaper changes? Fillmore's practicality knows no bounds. So, let's pay homage to this wonderful blend of style and substance that forms the Fillmore dresser changing table—a star player, indeed, in the dazzling theater of nursery decor.



Another dresser from our selection of nursery dresser changing tables for 2024 is the delightful Celine Dresser. Just a glance at it and you'll notice there's so much more to love than its stunning silhouette. It's a real heart-stealer, isn't it? From its generous proportions to the clean, chic lines, it's a dream come true for a stylish parent like yourself!

Now, we'd love for you to look at  Oakley's nursery (pictured below), graced by the enchanting presence of the Celine Dresser! We picked the natural finish for the Celine to harmonize with the nursery’s calming green palette. Soothing, isn't it? But, you know we love options! The Celine is equally dazzling in the subtle glamour of antique black and the muted opulence of antique taupe.

Beautiful exterior aside, the Celine Dresser doesn't disappoint when it comes to fine craftsmanship. It oozes a certain refined rustic appeal, courtesy of its gorgeous finish, giving off an ambiance of organic sophistication.

Oh, and did we talk about its capacity? The six generous drawers make it the ideal storage maestro, bringing order to what might otherwise be adorable baby-wardrobe anarchy.



Prepare to fall head over heels for the Ava Regency Extra-Wide Dresser— that's earned its place on our list of the best nursery dresser changing tables of 2024. One peek into our Nursery Lookbook, and you'll see this showstopper making a statement in countless nursery designs. It's simply a must-have!

Let's take a little rendezvous into Ava's nursery, where this fabulous dresser takes center stage, as pictured below. Just breathe in the simple elegance of the Ava Regency, an enchanting piece crafted with signature moldings, delightful scalloped feet, and a captivating multistep finish. Doesn't it truly elevate Ava's nursery to a whole new level?

Oh, and we mustn't forget about practicality. This beauty goes above and beyond with its storage prowess, boasting three small and four large drawers, perfect for keeping your nursery dresser organization game on point.

A masterpiece where classic elegance and modern functionality waltz together effortlessly – that's the Ava Regency Extra-Wide Dresser. 

ella's nursery


Oh, you're on a space-saving quest in your cozy nursery, aren't you? Look no further—a shining star has come to your rescue: the radiant Sprout 3-Drawer Dresser.

Let’s take a look at Ezra and Luca's twin's nursery design where you can see this compact marvel (pictured below). Doesn't the Sprout add a generous dollop of warmth and style to the boho vibe of this earthy-toned nursery? It's like a steadfast friend, happily playing along with any nursery style you could dream up.

The Sprout is your knight in shining armor, keeping not just style, but practicality too close to heart. Offering an almost unbelievably compact design with a neat package of three drawers, it's ready to house everything from linens to diapers and anything else your tiny tot needs. Diaper changes? Fret not—the affixed topper has things under control. And when your baby outgrows that stage, it can be conveniently removed. How's that for design flexibility?


Prepare for your heart to flutter as we unveil the Hampshire Dresser—another star twinkling brightly on our list of the best nursery dressers of 2024. This ever-reliable gem finds its way into our nursery designs time and time again—it's just that fabulous!

The Hampshire had a stunning moment in Alice's nursery. Dressed in an olive-green cloak, it danced in harmony with the nursery’s light green vintage-inspired wallpaper and played nicely alongside the dark walnut finish decor. Want to see it waltz to the rhythm of different hues? The Hampshire is available in a palette of other delightful shades too!

And let's talk about its design. The Hampshire's clean, classic silhouette is like a universal key—it opens the door to any and all nursery decor. This six-drawer dresser, with its brass metal drawer pulls, is the epitome of functional chic. It stands ready to sprinkle your baby's space with an undying allure while neatly stashing away all those baby essentials.

Alice's nursery


One of our swoon-worthy top picks from our list of the best nursery dresser changing tables of 2024 is the glamorous Sausalito 8-Drawer Dresser. It's a piece that we are just head over heels for! From nursery design to nursery design, it effortlessly fashions a good dose of sophistication.

Why not take a peek into Abbi's nursery design (featured below), where the Sausalito takes the spotlight? It audaciously lends the room a wow factor, doesn't it? For this design, we've chosen the seadrift finish for the Sausalito, but it's also available in an intriguing array of other finishes, ready to cater to your particular aesthetic in style.

The Sausalito breathes an air of relaxed refinement— just what you'd want for a serene nursery retreat. Its texture and finish, meticulously crafted from richly grained wood, are a love letter to aesthetic elegance. Meld this with classic moulding and turned leg details, and voila, you have a nursery stunner enrobing your space in chic, globally-inspired enchantment



If you're in pursuit of a nursery dresser that absolutely deserves a spot on any list of the best dresser changing tables, then look no further. Raise your glass to the Henley Wide Dresser—truly one of our favorites and a total charmer.

Why don't you step into Sage's nursery (as pictured below)? It's in this beautiful, timeless space where the Henley elegantly takes its place. And believe you me, this darling dresser doesn't just fit, it positively glows.

The Henley's gracefully curved silhouette comes to life with oh-so-delicate, hand-carved detailing that truly puts the "elegance" in elegant aesthetic. Picture it: this exquisitely crafted dresser wears its beauty so humbly, as if it inherently knows it's destined to become a treasured family heirloom.

So, you've got a nursery that needs both style and function, and here's the Henley, dressed to impress and ready to help.



Allow us to introduce you to a dresser that's is so lovely —the Astoria 6-Drawer Dresser. It's the perfect blend of charisma and practicality, perfect for any nursery design.

Why don't you join us on a little tour around Maeve's nursery. See how we've styled the bewitching Astoria here? Nestled delicately amongst the whimsical wallpaper and inspired by enchanting woods, this dresser simply sings out timeless class.

The Astoria 6-Drawer Dresser brings to the table more than just a robust storage solution. It's an opportunity—a dream—to create a nursery that truly resonates with nostalgia, charm, and timeless appeal. Timeless and stunning, practical and poetic, it's ready to capture hearts, one drawer at a time. 



Well, what can we say? The Garland 6-Drawer Dresser is another crown jewel on our list of the best nursery dresser changing tables of 2024. Its charm is so captivating that we've been smitten, using it personally in numerous nursery designs we've styled.

Take a look at Cam's delightful nursery —do you feel the enchantment? Its woodland theme, the irresistibly lovely green wallpaper, and oh, that exquisite beige rug, all work together to create a nursery that whispers tales of magical forests.

Enter the Garland Dresser. We invited this beauty into Cam's space not just to offer a warm hug to the little one's clothes, diapers, and swaddles. No, its role is far more sophisticated. This dresser casts a warm, organic ambience that sets the stage just right for baby's woodland adventure.

With a light, airy touch of farmhouse vibes, this solid wood dresser, graced with a washed finish, showcases the raw beauty of natural hardwood variations – a gentle nod to Mother Nature herself. Carved knobs, adorned with beaded detailing, alongside spade feet with recessed panels, all wisp together to lend just the right dose of laid-back polish.


Well, we just found another dresser that’s made it to our list of top nursery dressers changing tables. Meet the gloriously elegant Hudson 8-Drawer Dresser. We simply can't get enough of this beauty and have sprinkled its charm through many-a-nursery designs. The ‘wow’ it adds? Totally off the charts!

Take a look at the lovely Everly’s nursery. The stunning backdrop of daisy wallpaper playing peek-a-boo behind golden accents. And then, your eyes fall on the Hudson dresser, an elegant showstopper, unapologetically stealing the limelight.

Its appeal is magnetic, just look at its generous Craftsman-style design. The paneled and dovetailed drawers, ornamental moulding, and those chic metal pulls.

The Hudson doesn’t just stop at being beautiful. Its eight drawers include two with velvet-lined compartments to caress those precious accessories. It’s tastefully large and oh-so-practical, bestowed with a spirit that simply whispers 'timeless'.


Guess what splendid piece has pirouetted onto our list of top nursery dressers and changing tables? Yes, it’s the glorious Jenny Lind Maple Wood Dresser. This beauty tip-toes into your life with choices aplenty—a charming 4-drawer or an ample 7-drawer version.

Take a peek at Abbie's small nursery, pictured below. Notice how the 4-drawer dresser perches so perfectly in the petite space? Its narrow elegance and practicality are a treat for the eyes and a blessing for baby's bounty.

Speaking of elegance, imagine the ornate woodwork adorning the Jenny Lind dresser. The intricate turnings, the careful craftsmanship. It does not scream for attention; it subtly radiates opulent elegance.

The Jenny Lind Maple Wood Dresser, is not just another piece of furniture. It’s a thoughtful fusion of practical storage and timeless sophistication. A tribute to the classic Jenny Lind style, this dresser transforms even the coziest spaces into a contemporary ballet of design and function.


Pay attention because the Kendall Extra Wide Nursery Changing Table is making its grand entrance. This showstopper isn't just a dresser; it's a cherished confidante we turn to over and over again when curating our nursery designs. It absolutely merits a spot, in any list of the best nursery dresser changing tables of 2024.

Take a moment to steal a glance at Taegan's cozy nursery. Captured below in all its charm, you see the Kendall dresser shining like the north star in the constellation of nursery elements. Isn't it just oozing appeal?

Beautifully crafted and incredibly adaptable, the Kendall Collection showcases Craftsman-inspired details that blend eloquently with almost any style. So, consider the Kendall Extra Wide Nursery Changing Table as more than a piece of furniture; see it as a reliable partner ready to support your nursery needs while adding a dash of panache.

taegan's nursery


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