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Are you getting ready for baby?

Awesome! What an exciting time it is, as you prepare for the birth of your baby.

This post contains 30 Top Tips for getting ready for baby. We love having practical checklists to keep us on track and focused. If you are like us, this practical getting ready for baby checklist will guide you as you get the nursery, house, finances and yourself ready for the arrival of your baby. 

getting ready for baby checklist

1. purchase a bassinet

When you first bring your baby home from the hospital, there's no way you are just going to let the baby sleep by himself in the nursery. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, your baby should ideally sleep close to you, so you can keep an eye on the little one. Read this blog post which gives 24 tips for the first 24 hours at home with a newborn. Purchase a bassinet for the baby to sleep in your room for the first few months. 

organization ideas for moms

2.complete the nursery

You've probably already started  brainstorming ideas for the baby's nursery or you might have even started working on it. Time to put the finishing touches and get the nursery completed. We have lots of posts on Nursery Design Ideas and Nursery Organization here on our website. If you are stuck with your design, take this 2 minute nursery style quiz to find your unique style and get personalized recommendations. 


3. put together a diapering station & stockpile on diapering essentials

You are going to be changing a LOT of diapers in the coming months! So put together a well stocked diapering station to help you change diapers efficiently and with minimal fuss. Also, stock up on diapering essentials. Read this post on how to put together a diapering station and what diapering essentials you need.

getting ready for baby

4. look into your insurance and save for deductible

This is one of those things that is certainly not fun but needs to get done. Inquire about your insurance coverage and save up for the deductible.

5. set up a pumping station

If you plan on pumping, then it's time to set up a pumping station. Having all the pumping essentials in one place will save you a lot of time and energy. Read this post to figure out how to set up a pumping station and what you need.

pumping station ideas

6. make freezer meals

This is a must do tip as you are getting ready for baby's arrival. Make freezer meals ahead of baby's arrival. You will be so glad you did, specially when you are hungry, tired and just need a good home cooked meal. Read this post on preparing freezer meals for new moms.

freezer meals for new moms

7. set up the baby gear

If you have already received your gifts from the baby shower, it's time to set up the gear. Once you are home from the hospital, it will be helpful to have the bouncer, swing and bassinet set up and ready to use.

8.install the car seat

Install your baby's car seat as you countdown the days to the due date. Watch this video on how to properly install a car seat.

9. choose a pediatrician

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the best time to start searching for a pediatrician is in the last few weeks before your expected due date. When choosing a pediatrician you need a doctor who is in your insurance network and someone who you can trust. Read this post where we give you details on how to choose a pediatrician, including questions you should ask during the interview.

getting ready for baby |pediatrician interview questions

10. wash baby's clothes & ORGANIZE baby's closet

As you get ready for your expected due date, take the time to wash baby's clothes and organize the baby's closet. You'll have an easier time looking for things when the closet is well organized. Read this post where we give you 30 Organization Ideas for New moms to make their days less stressful and more joyful.


11.get postpartum essentials

Once you've delivered the baby, the postpartum recovery will begin. Gather all the postpartum essentials before you head to the hospital so you are able to recover faster after childbirth while caring for a newborn. Read this post on postpartum essentials.

12. shop for nursing clothes

Don't forget to pick up nursing bras, tanks and tops before your due date. The last thing you'll want to do after having a baby is to go shopping for new clothes.

13. stock up on household essentials

Stock up on household essentials such as toilet paper, paper towels, detergent, canned goods etc., before your due date. up on baby sleeping tips

Ease your stress and better prepare to set your baby's schedule by understanding which parts of her sleep routine are in your hands -- and which aren’t.

15.tour the maternity ward 

If you are planning on having your baby in a hospital, it’s important to sign up for a maternity hospital tour so that you know where you are going, where to park, and what your hospital is going to be like when you’re having your baby. Hospital tours are free, and many hospitals have their tour times listed on their website.

16.pack THE hospital bag

It's a good idea to be prepared just in case you happen to go into labor before the due date. That means having your hospital bag packed and ready to go at least a few weeks (if not several) before your due date. That way you can avoid any major last minute scrambling once you do go into labor and it's time to get to the hospital. Read this post on what to pack for the hospital and download a free hospital baby checklist.

Hospital Bag Checklist

17. purchase items left on the baby registry & use completion discount

As you get closer to the due date, you've probably had your baby shower and received most of the items you had registered for. However, if you still want the unsold items on your registry, some stores will let you buy them at a discount. Registry-completion discounts reduce the price of registry items by a certain percentage for a window of time after your event. If you registered with Amazon Baby Registry, the discount offer is 10% for primary registrants (15% for members of Amazon Prime at the time they redeem their discount). Read this post on our picks for baby registries and get the 2020 Baby Registry Checklist Printable.

baby registry checklist 2020


As you are getting ready for baby, you need to also think about what to do with older siblings, when you go in to labor. It doesn’t help that labor is unpredictable in both timing and length, making it even harder to prepare a child who is often little more than a baby herself. Have a plan and talk about it with the kids if you can.

19. take maternity photos

Maternity photos capture life-changing, beautiful moments in parenthood and motherhood. As you are getting ready for baby, consider booking a maternity photo shoot to capture your baby bump. Schedule your photo shoot when your bump is showing and you are still feeling comfortable.

20. MAKE an APPOINTMENT WITH a PHOTOGRAPHER for newborn photo shoot

It is never too early to book a newborn photographer since newborn photographers book your due date, not the session date. Since they photograph newborns under the age of 10 days, they usually accept a limited amount of 'due dates' per week to  accommodate babies born early, or late. Make an appointment early!

21. take a breastfeeding course or learn about breastfeeding

Breastfeeding challenges are common and moms who breastfeed say it's one of the hardest things ever though it is absolutely the best for baby's health. Take a breastfeeding course or learn about breastfeeding from how to get baby to latch to how to avoid breastfeeding issues. You can also read this post where we give you 30 Genius Breastfeeding Tips and Hacks for New Moms.


22. write your birth plan

A birth plan is essentially a guideline that lets your medical team know your labor and delivery preferences in regards to things like pain management, postpartum care and newborn procedures. Though we can never predict how things are going to progress during delivery, this document express your wishes. Writing a birth plan is totally not necessary and is entirely up to you.

23. take a birthing class

Since labor and delivery can be overwhelming to both parents, many choose to attend a birthing class to learn more about the whole process. You'll get insight about labor, delivery and postpartum recovery from a birthing class. These classes provided by the hospital can also help alleviate your anxiety and fears while giving you the confidence to make informed decisions.


24. shortlist baby names

It's time to narrow down your huge list of baby names. Hopefully you can settle on a name before your due date!

24. pre-register at the hospital

With so much to do before baby arrives, why not cross hospital registration off the ever-growing list? Find out where your obstetrician delivers and preregister at the hospital. It will make things so much easier when you go into have the baby. the glow baby app

Once you have the baby there's a lot of information to keep track of from the color of baby's poop to feeding times. We love the Glow Baby Newborn Tracker to log all your baby's milestones and track development.

26. spend quality time with your partner

With a new baby comes a busier life – and less time to spend with your partner. It's normal for your relationship to play second fiddle to your new baby for at least the first year. So spend quality time with your partner. Plan date nights where you can grab a bite to eat, watch a movie and enjoy each others company. Go on a baby moon if time and money permits!

27. decide how much time you need off

Visit your corporate website or read the employee handbook to see what your employer officially offers for maternity leave. Figure out how much time you are going to take off and your plans for when you go back to work. Don't forget to plan for childcare as well. Many childcare facilities have wait-lists  so you might want to put your baby's name on the list.

28. get a hair cut & get pampered

It's a good idea to get your hair cut before your due date since you are not going to be able to get away from the baby for a while at least. Also it's always a good idea to get pampered whether its's getting your nails done or a facial! Get together with your girlfriends and do something relaxing.

29. make a date with mom

Make plans for your mom to visit and stay with you for the first week at least after the baby is born. This is specially helpful if there are older siblings you need care. Grandma can dot on them while you focus on the baby.

30. sleep, sleep, sleep

After your baby's born, your sleep is sure to be minimal at best and interrupted frequently. So get as much sleep as you can.



getting ready for baby

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