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Baby's bath time should be good clean fun. And, today we are sharing Bath Bath Time Essentials so you've got every thing you need to bathe the baby.

Some of my most cherished memories, I have of my little ones, are during bath time. Their big beautiful curious eyes just looking at me, wondering what's going on and then a little smirk, maybe a giggle if I am lucky, as I slowly start putting water over them.

Though you may feel a little anxious at first, baby's bath time can indeed be a safe, fun and happy time for the both of you. A daily ritual for you and the baby to connect at the end of the day, as well as to soothe the baby before bed time.

So here are my favorite, go to baby bath time essentials, to make baby's bath time safe and special.  Whether you have a baby that hates bath time or  one that loves it, these baby bath time essentials are perfect for all babies.

baby bath time essentials

BABY BATH TIME ESSENTIALS to keep your little one safe and comfy while you get her cleaned up


1.Baby Bath Tub

Having the right tub will make all the difference when bathing your little one. With so many options, it can be daunting to pick the right tub .

baby  bath time essentials

Why we love it: The ergonomic design of this baby bath tub offers baby a comfortable place to recline, relax and enjoy - and it offers  peace of mind knowing that baby is secure. The soft, mildew resistant mesh material helps protect baby's delicate skin, and because the unit drains easily and dries quickly, it's hygienic too.

2.hooded towel

Another baby bath time essential you'll need to have is a super cozy hooded towel to wrap the baby in, after you take her out of the tub. Look for one that's made of a super absorbent material to keep your little one extra warm and dry.


Why we love it: Boasting an extra thick design – thicker than most baby towels with hoods, this super absorbent Bamboo hooded towel absorbs water faster than cotton and makes sure the baby stays dry and safely protected from catching a cold. 

3.Shampoo & Body Wash

Use a shampoo and a  body wash that's gentle on the little ones hair and skin. Since you'll have to hold the baby with one hand, bottles that have a pump are much easier to use.

baby bath time essentials

Why we love it: Relax your baby in a warm bath and gently cleanse with this Shampoo + Body Wash made with our NeoNourish Seed Oil Blend and calming, natural fragrances from ingredients like Orange Blossoms. 

4.Baby Bath Thermometer

You'll need a thermometer to keep an eye on the water temperature at all times.


Why we love it: This turtle meter has a LCD screen with a color coded temperature display. And, it also doubles as a fun bath toy.

5.Wash Cloths

Keep a few of these amazingly soft muslin wash cloths nearby to wash and scrub your little one.


Why we love it: Soft and gentle on baby's skin. Makes washing baby super easy! I would recommend having a few packs to always have one on backup!

6.Bath Spout Cover

When your baby is a little older and you decide to transition the baby to the big tub-whether in the big tub itself or the infant tub placed inside the big tub, get one of these bath spout covers.

baby bath time essentials

Why we love it:  The sleek spout cover design includes an adjustable strap that fits snugly on most tub. The spout cover protects baby's head from bumping on the faucet.

7.Non Slip Bath Mat

If you are transitioning the baby to the big tub, having a non slip bath  mat in the tub will prevent the baby from having accidental slips and falls.

8.Bath Rinser cup

It's always a challenge to wash baby's hair without water and soap getting in her eyes. This rinser is one of my favorite baby bath time essentials.

baby bath time essentials

Why we love it:  The rinser has a soft rubber lip that fits snugly to the little ones forehead, preventing water from getting in his eyes.


9.Bath Kneeler

While your baby is enjoying her bath time in the big tub, you'll probably be on your knees washing her. This non-slip backing and cushiony knee pad gives parents' achy knees a rest while baby enjoys bath time!


Why we love it: A soft cushy bath kneeler  provides a comfortable surface for your knees to rest on.

10.Bath Toys

Make bath time fun for the little one with a few delightful  bath toys.


11.Bath Toy Storage

Once baby's bath time is done, use one of these baby bath time essentials to scoop up all the bath toys. You can wash the toys and store them in the wall mounted unit, to air dry-reducing the risks of mold and mild-dew build up.






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