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Friends, guess what's just around the corner? Yes, paint color transformations that are about to jazz up our nurseries in 2024. Renowned paint companies have been working on their freshest, most tantalizing palette reveals, and we're here to give you the chicest sneak peek. We're talking standout shades set to usher in a whole new era of nursery design! Ahead you'll find a mesmerizing palette of nursery paint color trends that are set to take the limelight in 2024.

Now, 2024 is strutting its color wheel with diversity – a fabulous mix that swings from minimalist neutrals engaging in their simplicity to bold, vibrant hues, daring and enchantingly captivating. But hold on, because there are a few trend themes that are grabbing our attention.

Prepare to be seduced by the allure of dark hues this coming year. Imagine your baby's nursery dipped in lush greens and opulent blues, creating warm, inviting atmospheres that lull your little ones into sweet, peaceful dreams. Paint companies are rallying around these luxe colors, making them a décor cornerstone in 2024.

Neutrals, however, haven't been left out in the cold – they too are set to take center stage in 2024's nursery designs, though with a fascinatingly innovative twist. Forget your conventional beiges and introduce yourself to an elevated neutral palette, resplendent in its ability to create standout points of interest in the nursery.

Finally, let's not forget the transformative power of well-being. This theme will be front and center in 2024. Paint companies are responding to the rise in those among us craving to carve out restorative and calming spaces, creating a serene retreat from the whirlwind of life outside the nursery.

So, get ready to ride these color-inspired waves into 2024. Here is the Nursery Paint Color Trends Report for 2024.

2024 nursery paint color trends


Lets pull back the curtain on Dutch Boy's 2024 color of the year! It's none other than the captivating Ironside, an irresistible shade of deep olive that's demanding the design world to sit up and take note.

Feasting on the escalating popularity of deep hues, Ironside confidently struts onto the scene, perfectly blending a dash of sophistication with the kind of cozy comfort that whispers 'relax, you're home'. It's the perfect balance, don’t you agree?

But Ironside's magic spell doesn't end there, oh no! This visionary shade reels you in with an enticing link to nature. It's like stepping into an enchanted forest every time you wander into the nursery. Sprinkle in a sense of timeless charm, and you've got the recipe for an organically stylish space that will stand the test of time — and a few dirty diapers!

Jaylin's nursery- nursery paint color trends 2024


There's an angelic shade ready to take the spotlight and give your nurseries a refreshing facelift! Picture the scene: Sherwin-Williams wastes no time unveiling their showstopper Upward (SW 6239) as their much-awaited Color of the Year for 2024. The stakes are high, and, does Upward deliver!

This tranquil shade of blue stops just short of a sigh — it’s like breathing in a slow, satisfying gulp of crisp morning air.

Bathing in an understated pale blue splashed with gray undertones, Upward masterfully brings harmony to the heart of your nursery. Let's be real, ethereal blues are the chic best friends every décor enthusiast dreams of having in their palette.

But let’s venture a little deeper. Upward's influence blossoms from the recent surge in love for coastal chic, a trend that has captivated and whisked us away to sun-soaked beaches and the tranquil lap of waves. It’s just the perfect color trend to tap into if you've got beachy vibes going in your baby's room design.

Harley's nursery/ 2024 nursery paint colors


Welcome the dazzling diva, the color for 2024 from interior brand Graham & Brown: let's hear it for Viridis! This tantalizingly soft, earth-kissed green is all about capturing that back-to-nature charm and will make any nursery feel like a tranquil secret garden.

Viridis doesn't just stop at being ridiculously gorgeous; she's got a mission! This tranquil shade is all about crafting restful and restorative spaces, a green-hued sanctuary that allows you and your little one to bathe in serenity. It's essentially a spa retreat, right in your nursery! 

paisley's nursery/ 2024 nursery paint colors


Let's wander into the decadent world of brown paint colors set to rule the nursery paint color trends of 2024. Now, don't assume browns to be just humble, earthy neutrals; we're flirting with depths of rich, dark browns that are all about sumptuous, warming vibes.

You see, our usual suspects – blues and greens – can sometimes lean towards the cooler side, leaving you craving something a little more cozy. And so, on cue, enter the effortlessly elegant London Clay. This brown hue is laced with the most subtle kiss of magenta, delivering an irresistible warmth that'll soothe your design-savvy soul.

Oh, but this color's talents don't stop there! London Clay pairs effortlessly with so many hues. Think pinks, greens, blues, and earthy neutrals – this divine shade slips seamlessly into any color party. Plus, for those nursery corners that struggle with light, you're in luck! London Clay brings both drama and warmth to darker spaces, balancing the aesthetics like a pro.

Lane's nursery - 2024 nursery paint color trends


We've got some trendsetting nursery paint color news! Our friends over at Little Greene are whispering the same fashionable prophecy — 2024 is all set to embrace the warm, inviting world of brown hues in the nursery panorama.

We're riding high on a trend wave that's all about rich, cocooning interiors. And yes, even our adorable nurseries aren't immune to this style spread. Plunge into a color pool of mid-tone caramels and indulgent browns, and come up splashed with comforting, soothing schemes. It's serenity served with a dollop of style!

Brown is not just making a comeback; it's reclaiming its crown in contemporary interiors with a modern twist. Cue in ‘Galette’, a softer, ochre-toned brown that simply oozes comfort and versatility. These neutrals are your chic accomplices in crafting irresistible, indulgent, and inviting spaces for your little one.

A shift in the design winds is evident as we bid adieu to cooler grey interiors and open the door to a warmer palette of natural hues. It's all about finding your soothing scheme from intricate tangles of earthy neutrals.

Leilani's nursery / GANACHE BY LTTLE GREENE



We're about to embark on an exotically bold color ride - get ready for the new neutral on the block: black is back and, quite frankly, it's never looked better!

The interior design world is bravely stepping into the territory of understated sophistication. Shades are shifting, and we're loving this change of scenery where modernity stylishly waltzes with timeless elegance.

Leading this stylish parade is Behr's 2024 Color of the Year, the magnetic Cracked Pepper. Far more than just a passing whimsy, this color is trying on the trendsetter's hat and, dare we say, it's a perfect fit! This captivating hue is a charismatic charmer that's not to be underestimated.

Bold, mood-lifting, and versatile, Cracked Pepper stomps its soft black hue into your nursery space with aplomb. Whether it's stealing the spotlight with a striking statement or quietly admiring the scene from the wings, this color knows how to work its magic.

Emery's nursery


We've been swooning over the warm hues, but wait till you see what we have here.

Making an entrance is a shade that'll make you want to raise a toast - introducing Stardew by Sherwin Williams! This cool, pastel tone is perfect for your nursery; it's the baby blue that evolved.

Traditionally, blues have been the go-to for our precious respite rooms, totally nailing the tranquility vibe. But Stardew, oh, it's a class apart! This shade isn't just subtle; it's virtually a chameleon.

The charm of Stardew is that it plays so well with others. Its muted understones make it versatile enough to virtually befriend any palette. It's the life of the color party, sitting beautifully anywhere you choose to splash it, and yet it's so soothing it almost feels like a neutral. It's the understated star of your sophisticated nursery!

london's nursery



We're setting sail on the radiant seas of another top nursery paint color trend — wave hello to Blue Nova- Benjamin Moore's highly anticipated Color of the Year.

This fabulous shade is a spectacular crescendo of blue and violet — a vibrant blend that leaves behind an echo of wonder. It's an enchanting mid-tone that weaves a cozy balance of depth and intrigue. But what makes Blue Nova so irresistible? Well, it's an expert at playing hide-and-seek with the classic and the bold!

Blue Nova is like your favorite statement necklace, but imagine one that's had the volume tastefully turned down. It's audacious, but with manners. Comforting, yet courageous enough to claim all four walls of your nursery. It's a sweet invitation to dance with color, letting your creativity take center stage.

Blue Nova is a fresh and exciting alternative to our lovable navy. It's an exquisite balancing act of the livable and the daring, tickling our senses and evoking a spirit of exploration. 

toby's nursery - BLUE NOVA by BENJAMIN MOORE


Brace yourself for yet another top nursery paint color that's an absolute gem in the paint party - it's Sherwin Williams nod to the wonder of nature Evergreen Fog! Picture if you will, a classic, soothing tone that whispers serenity and spells out N-A-T-U-R-E in every brush stroke. This pale-green hue is a virtuoso of harmony in the most delightful way possible.

Imagine a verdant meadow brought indoors, gracing the walls of your precious one’s nursery. This is what Evergreen Fog does — it's about inviting nature to a stylish soiree within your home.  

This charming shade holds an emotional depth, a soothing tone that hugs your sense of wellbeing. The soft, nurturing energies of Evergreen Fog coil around you, creating a sanctuary that feels safe, peaceful, and oh-so-dreamy.  

As if that isn't enough, Evergreen Fog has another trick up its sleeve. Its prowess lies in refreshing any room while adding a graceful nod to nature. Like a breath of crisp, mountain air brushing through your interiors, gently transforming your space. Think of it as a tranquil retreat from the bustling world outside. 



And oh, do we have a top paint color pick for your little one's nursery? You bet we do; presenting the deliciously enticing Sealskin by Sherwin-Williams.

Want to know more about this stylish contender? Well, Sealskin is no ordinary brown. It’s a deep dive into decadence, a bold brown that straddles the line between timeless elegance and modern sophistication. This shade is the James Bond of the color world - it's as sleek, refined, and dashing as they come. Talk about an enfolding neutral that can pretty much charm any color scheme.

Now, let’s discuss small nursery rooms. There's a popular design myth that whispers 'stay light with small spaces,' but we say we rebel! Darker colors like our enchanting Sealskin actually work wonders in cozying up smaller quarters, creating a warm, inviting ambiance - a cuddly nook that just beckons you in. Here's to creating cozy, stylish nursery spaces in 2024!



We're revealing a top-tier nursery paint color trend that's going to take your nursery design up a few notches in 2024. Get ready to be swept off your feet by the fabulous, the sophisticated, the versatile Sherwin Williams Intimate White!

This is a blush pink like no other. It's like that perfectly smooth latte — creamy, matte, and oh-so-satisfying! Intimate White is a pink that's learned the art of subtlety. It’s a charming whisper of color, never a shout. It's all about being present without overpowering, creating a calming, pure ambiance that's just heavenly.

What we absolutely adore about this shade is its exquisite understated beauty. It's as enchanting as a twilight sky, subtly dusked, instantly captivating the onlooker. It's that elusive perfect blush pink you've been on the hunt for!



Lets dive into a top nursery paint star for 2024 - allow us to introduce the invigorating Sherwin Williams Waterloo! Picture, if you will, a color that perfectly captures the profound mysteries and the captivating beauty of the deep ocean.

Waterloo isn't just any blue. It's an enchanting enchantress, subtle yet mesmerizing. It's like that perfectly aged denim - deep, comforting, and effortlessly cool. While it may be considered a darker shade, it resonates with a tranquil vibration which feels like a loving embrace from the ocean herself.

Now, here's a little secret: in the world of blues, deeper is sometimes better. So, as much as we adore the charming light-toned blues like SW Reflection and SW Rainwashed, it's time to acquaint ourselves with the broader spectrum of blue. Let's delve into the greater depths that colors like Waterloo offer!

Bennett's nursery


Well, save the best for last -here is the fantastic and verdant Benjamin Moore Backwoods!

Imagine alluring, lush greenery enveloping your nursery, cocooning it in warmth and serenity. That's precisely what Backwoods promises. This shade is the crème de la crème of green hues – saturated enough to make a statement and muted enough to exude calm elegance. Think of it as the perfect accessory that ties the room together in chic harmony.

This true green marvel is uniquely versatile; it has a touch of black that keeps it from becoming overly vibrant, bathing your nursery in a soothing atmosphere no matter the time of day or the season outside. Picture your little one's nursery – a space that exudes coziness and relaxation around the clock, all thanks to this resplendent shade.

Described by Benjamin Moore as "a blackened shade of forest green that bares a hint of welcoming warmth," it's plain to see how Backwoods earns its place among the leading nursery paint colors of 2024. Say goodbye to conventional color schemes and hello to tranquil forest vibes! 

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