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Looking for the most beautiful blue nurseries?

Blue is a versatile color that can transform any space, and it's no surprise that blue is one of the most popular nursery paint colors. So here we are sharing the most beautiful blue nurseries - sure to convince you to bring blue into your nursery design project.

What makes blue a transformative color that can instantly change the mood of a space? Often hailed as a 'chameleon color’, blue possesses the flexibility and depth to not only swing the mood of a space, but to utterly redefine it.

Blue, in its endless array of tints and shades, is incredibly versatile, donning the roles of both a tranquil lullaby and a bold, powerful statement, all in the same space. Such dexterity allows blue to flirt well with various design palettes and styles, lending it a transformative prowess.

Here are some of our favorite blue hues for the nursery.

30 blue nurseries

Imagine a nursery washed in a soothing pastel blue, whispering tales of serenity and calm. Pastel and sky-blue shades cleverly tease out a sense of peace and tranquility. This soft blue glow invites repose and relaxation, lending an airy, spacious feel to rooms, making them sublime sanctuaries for rest and rejuvenation.

On the other hand, take a peek at nurseries imbued with richer tones like navy blue and teal. Notice their ability to envelop a room with an aura of sophistication and drama. These deep, intense shades interlace elegance with a boldness that demands attention, instantly elevating the mood of the space. Pair them with lavish texture or metallic accents and voila! You've created a luxurious retreat that drips with sophistication.

30 best blue nurseries

In essence, blue is like a symphony in a designer's color palette. Each tone and shade play a different note, evoking a unique emotional response. It can breathe calm or a regal elegance into any space, morphing seamlessly to meet a designer's vision. 

So, next time you open your paint swatch, give a second glance to the blues. You'll be intrigued, if not entirely captivated, by their transformative abilities and the possibilities that lie within this enchanting color spectrum.

Read on for the best blue nurseries in varying tones. 



Take a peek at this lovely nursery that's timeless and "boyish" with the prettiest shade of  blue-Groundwater by Sherwin Williams, 

blue nurseries

Here, the nursery is warm, cozy, and welcoming-thanks to another pretty shade of blue- French Toile by Benjamin Moore.

blue nurseries

A stunning nursery accent wall adorned with Valspar's Evening Eclipse sets the tone in this nursery.

blue nurseries

Between the wallpaper and the blue-gray batten and board wall feature, this nursery is equal parts whimsical and sophisticated.

blue nurseries

So much to love in this nursery, from the most beautiful soft blue wainscoting painted in Farrow and Ball Pale Powder to the timeless crib and decor.

blue nurseries

Take a cue from this calming classic baby boy nursery and pair a soft shade of blue with a wallpaper design

blue nurseries

The light blue nursery walls give this space a calming and relaxing vibe. Notice the stunning ceiling decorated with a pelican patterned wallpaper?

blue nurseries

The blue statement world map wallpaper creates the perfect backdrop for this wanderlust-inspired nursery.

boy nursery theme- travel nursery

This nursery features a beautiful wallpaper statement wall that boasts a variety of blue tones.

baby boy nursery themes

Blue is the new black, for sure. Look at the stunning nursery accent wall with wood details and the moody Smoky Blue by Sherwin Williams.

decorating ideas for the nursery

The deep dark navy blue wainscoting gives this modern bear nursery a decidedly moody vibe and personality.

decorating ideas for the nursery

Here is a chameleon shade of blue that gives this baby's room an unapologetically sophisticated look.

nursery decorating idea

Take a look t this beautiful modern nursery where the dark blue walls complement the cool-toned furniture and nursery decor.

simple nursery decorating idea

In this nursery, the dark blue accent wall maximizes the coziness factor in the space.

simple nursery decorating ideas

Pairing the blue wainscoting with white walls gives this space a fresh and summery feel.

small nursery ideas

In this boho-inspired nursery, a pretty shade of blue complements the woven rug, light fixture, and furnishings.

nursery design tips

The layering of patterns and textures, decorated with board and batten, and a delightful wallpaper featuring blue and white tones give this space a relaxed, casual feel.

hanging artwork in the nursery

Blue and white is a classic color combo, and the blue and white wallpaper gives this space an airy and classic feel.

hanging artwork in the nursery

Add depth to the walls and intrigue to the space by choosing a dark blue color for the nursery walls.

how to mix patterns in the nursery

A soothing soft blue feels like a breath of fresh air in this beautiful nursery.

rug for the nursery

Notice the sumptuous layering of texture and pattern in this nursery with blue and complementary tones.


Bringing blue into the nursery with lighter finishes and woven materials gives the space an approachable bohemian vibe.

beach inspired nursery


The lightest shade of blue on the nursery walls envelops this space with coziness and warmth.

beach inspired nursery

If you ask us, every beach-themed nursery needs a calm, cool, and collected shade of blue.

beach inspired nursery

Here is a beautiful small nursery decorated with saturated and muted shades of blue to create a focal point.

small baby room organization

This wallpaper featuring a myriad of blue tones adds personality to the baby's room.

ways to organize baby's room

We love this nursery wall with a bold, saturated blue and the juxtaposition with the lighter furniture and accents.


Take note of this navy blue nursery that has drama and warmth. It's also effortlessly chic.



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