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Are you in a rental situation and scratching your head, wondering how to accommodate all your little one's belongings without making irreversible changes to the property? Ahead we'll uncover 15 genius nursery storage ideas for renters.

From cute outfits and blankets to the endless supply of diapers, a baby comes with a lot of essentials that require intentional storage. As a renter, you must be considerate about the property and try to avoid any permanent alterations.

With a little bit of ingenious thinking, you can maximize the space you have and find dual-purpose items that work perfectly in a nursery, without making any permanent alterations to your rental. The key is to look for adaptable storage solutions that are as cute as they are practical. 

Every piece of furniture should serve a purpose and with some creative hacks, you can turn even the smallest nursery into a comfy, organized space. No matter how much (or little) room you're working with, you can make the most of your baby's nursery.


Keep reading to uncover smart nursery storage ideas for renters.



One of the most versatile and effective solutions for nursery storage, especially for renters, is the humble cube storage organizer. This ingenious piece of furniture offers remarkable adaptability to any space, blending seamlessly with your existing decor while accommodating all of your newborn's essentials.


2. Over-The-Door Organizers

Over-the-door organizers are an ingenious storage solution particularly suited for nurseries when one is renting an apartment or house. Their easy-to-install, zero-damage design makes them an absolute boon for renters who want to maximize storage space while eliminating the need for permanent alterations.

These organizers provide ample pockets or hooks that can comfortably accommodate various baby essentials. From pint-sized onesies to stocking diapers, toys, wipes or even small blankets, these door organizers offer a surprising amount of storage room, while occupying very little space themselves.

nursery storage ideas for renters

3. Utility Cart

When setting up a nursery in a rental property, a utility cart can provide that much-needed additional storage space that marries function and style perfectly. This highly versatile piece of furniture can fit snugly into cozier spaces, offering you just the right balance between utility and aesthetic appeal, without making any permanent changes to the room.

One of the advantages of a utility cart is its mobility. Thanks to the wheels, it's extremely easy to move around the room, or even the house. This means you can have the essentials ready at hand wherever you need them, be it next to the changing table, by your nursing chair, or in the living room when you need to keep an eye on the baby.

nursery storage ideas for renters

4. Changing Table with Drawers

Choosing furniture for your baby's nursery demands a blend of practicality and style. This balance becomes even more paramount when you're setting up a nursery in a rental property, as you'd need furniture that serves multiple functions without necessitating permanent modifications to the space. A changing table with drawers is a savvy choice in this scenario.

A changing table with drawers provides an excellent two-in-one solution. On the one hand, you have a well-designed surface, perfect for safely changing your baby's diapers or clothes. And on the other, you have generous storage space provided by the multiple drawers beneath, ensuring all your baby essentials — like diapers, wipes, creams, and spare onesies — are within arm's reach.


5. Bookshelves

Establishing a nursery in a rental necessitates careful planning to ensure everything you need fits neatly and conveniently in the available space. One excellent tactic to optimize the use of space is to embrace vertical storage solutions, such as bookshelves. Bookshelves offer an ideal combination of practicality and style when it comes to nursery storage. 


6. Hanging Closet Organizers

If your rental property's nursery comes equipped with a built-in closet, it serves as an excellent opportunity to maximize storage space for your baby's essentials. One smart and efficient solution for achieving optimal organization within the closet is the addition of hanging closet organizers.

These organizers are designed to attach to the closet rod, making full use of vertical space within the wardrobe area. Featuring various compartments, pockets, or shelves, hanging closet organizers store assorted items such as clothes, toys, shoes, or baby care products in an orderly manner, making it easy for you to locate and access them as needed.

storage ideas for renters

7. Ottoman with Storage

A storage ottoman is an incredibly versatile piece of furniture that serves various functions. Firstly, it provides a comfortable spot for you to rest your feet during feeding or soothing your baby. Additionally, it can serve as extra seating if needed, making it a valuable resource when accommodating visitors in the nursery. 

The true genius of a storage ottoman, however, lies in the concealed storage space within. This hidden compartment is perfect for organizing items such as baby blankets, toys, books, or even spare diapers. The ability to store items, paired with its visual appeal, makes it an attractive furniture choice that maximizes usage while upholding the nursery's aesthetic.

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8. Fabric Storage Bins

Fabric storage bins serve as an ideal solution for holding a variety of baby-related items, from clothing and diapers to toys and blankets. Their flexibility allows them to fit into tight or awkward spaces, such as on shelves, beneath the crib, or in a corner. This feature enables you to create storage space seemingly out of nowhere, reducing clutter and ensuring essential items are easily accessible when needed.

nursery storage ideas for renters

9. Removable Wall Hooks

Removable wall hooks are an incredible option for adding storage to your baby's room. They are designed to affix securely to walls without the need for drilling or using nails. These hooks rely on adhesive backing or suction technology, which can hold a considerable weight and can be effortlessly removed without leaving residue or creating unsightly marks.

small nursery closet: add hooks

10. Tiered Stands

Positioned on the floor or placed atop other furniture, tiered stands take advantage of vertical space, allowing you to store more items within a relatively small footprint. This space-saving functionality ensures that your nursery remains uncluttered while keeping essentials close at hand and easy to access.

nursery storage ideas for renters

11. Storage Bench

A storage bench, with its multipurpose nature, presents an ideal choice for creating additional storage while also enhancing your baby's room's aesthetics and comfort.

It combines the functionality of a traditional bench with a robust storage area often found beneath the seat. This design provides ample room for storing nursery essentials such as toys, blankets, books, or even extra clothing and diapers.

aspen's nursery

12. Stackable Storage Bins

Stackable storage bins are an ingenious choice for optimizing storage, as they provide a versatile and easily adaptable means to effectively organize your baby's belongings in an aesthetically pleasing manner. They are designed to conveniently stack on top of one another, allowing you to maximize the use of vertical space in your nursery.

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