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When it comes to creating a nursery that's both soothing and joyous, pink has long been a favored color. Whether you're fond of soft pastels or more vibrant hues, designing a pink nursery can make for an exciting and fulfilling project. Ahead, we will showcase 30 of the prettiest pink nursery designs that are not only enchanting but carry a timeless appeal.

Pink, with its hues ranging from soft blush to vibrant rose, allows for a myriad of decoration possibilities. It invites a calming yet lively energy into the space - one that can seamlessly grow with your little one. 

Whether you prefer a classical look with soft pink elements accenting white furniture, or a full embrace of pink indulgence for a vibrant playful vibe, you will find ample inspiration right here.

30 pink nursery designs

These 30 pink nursery designs, characterized by their gentle charm and timeless elegance, exemplify the soothing beauty of the shade, promising a sanctuary of warmth, love and the sweetest dreams for your little one.


Take a look at this exquisite pink nursery, adorned in the gentle hue of Sherwin Williams' Intimate White. This creamy blush pink shade creates a captivating ambiance that harmonizes beautifully with the ivory furnishings. The result is a truly gorgeous and inviting space.

prettiest pink nursery designs

Take note of the stunning pink nursery accents that harmonize with the ivory wallpaper within this nursery. This brilliant pairing of hues results in a captivating balance of warmth and brightness, contributing to the visually appealing nursery space.

pink nursery designs

Here is yet another elegant pink nursery design that highlights an intricately graceful pink wallpaper, perfectly complemented by white nursery furniture. This classic combination exudes an ambiance of serenity and charm, creating a lovely haven.

pink nursery designs

Here lies a nursery design that exudes sophistication, with its blush pink walls offering a serene canvas. The add-ons of white and green from the playful pom pom curtains lend aesthetics that both enliven and balance the space, creating a sublime retreat.

pink nursery designs

This is a chic, modern pink nursery design that showcases a striking board and batten wall design, adorned in the vibrant hue of Rachel Pink by Sherwin Williams. The captivating gold accents elevate this nursery's glamour, culminating in a stylish and captivating space.

pink nursery designs

There is indeed much to adore in this enchanting pink nursery design. From its charming pink board and batten wood walls and delightful pink gingham wallpaper to the warm touches of natural wood elements and, undoubtedly, the elegant ballet details, this nursery creates a mesmerizing haven.

pink nursery designs

This pink nursery design is replete with stunning details, starting with the gorgeous pink wallpaper backdrop that seamlessly complements the gleaming gold crib. The lively and engaging nursery prints enhance the space with warmth, beauty, and inspiration.

pink nursery designs

Feast your eyes on this captivating nursery, exhibiting a lovely pink blush fern wallpaper backdrop that instills a serene ambiance. The timeless and elegant nursery furniture perfectly complements the nursery's character, crafting a space that is both appealing and enduring for your little one.

pink nursery designs

The room features a classic Jenny Lind crib and a splendid navy blue and pink rug, intensifying the space's sophistication and aesthetic appeal. This room's fusion of colors and styles produces a heartwarming nursery where your little one will undoubtedly thrive.

prettiest pink nursery designs

Introducing yet another captivating pink nursery design, boasting a stunning pink backdrop that emphasizes the room's beauty. The decor exudes boho vibes, adding a relaxed and artistic nuance to the room.

pink nursery designs


Rich in visual appeal and carefully crafted, the fusion of classic elements with contemporary pastel hues results in a blush nursery that is at once captivating, comfortable, and truly enchanting.


The mesmerizing pastel floral wallpaper serves as an exquisite canvas, forming a breathtaking backdrop for this pink nursery. Complementing the wallpaper, the soft pink curtains and rug add layers of warmth and texture.


Step into this spectacular blush nursery with an exquisite blush nursery dresser, a Persian-inspired blush rug, and a striking black metal crib, carefully curated space offering a captivating visual feast.


The space is imbued with timeless appeal and a serene atmosphere, thanks to its gentle color palette. The pink tones evoke a sense of warmth and comfort, giving the room a nurturing and inviting ambiance, while the sage hues introduce a refreshing touch, contributing to a calm and soothing environment.


Take a look at this sophisticated pink Barbie-inspired nursery, designed with a spectrum of shades from the subtlest blush to the richest mauve. This captivating palette provides depth and character, infusing the space with the timeless charm of a classic Barbie world, while maintaining an air of elegance and refinement.


This delightful nursery that artfully blends subtle pink tones with neutrals such as creams and whites, effortlessly creating a modern sanctuary with distinctive boho-inspired touches.


This nursery design effortlessly interweaves dark blush blackout curtains, a light pink and plum nursery rug, and elegant nursery furnishings to create a refined, yet welcoming atmosphere for your little one.


Step into this delightful pink nursery that is buzzing with playful energy. The space is harmoniously dressed in a watercolor check pink and white wallpaper backdrop, a sage green dresser, and tasteful accents in washed natural tones, culminating in a charming and vibrant haven for your little one.


This Barbie-inspired nursery impressively combines Gingham Pastel Pink wallpaper, tufted dot soft blush curtains, a blush and gray classic rug, and glistening gold pieces to compose a stunning, chic space that is ready to inspire dreams and nurture a magical childhood.


Step into this serene beach-inspired nursery, showcasing a light pink linen wallpaper background, a light brown Turkish kilim rug, and a sea drift wood dresser. These thoughtful elements collaboratively bring the tranquility of the beach right into your home, creating a relaxing nursery that exudes coastal charm.


Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of this nursery that artfully combines shades of cream and blush. Its walls beautifully decorated with an exquisite wildflowers cream and blush wallpaper serve as a testament to the transformative power of thoughtful design and color harmony.

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Step into this charming pink nursery that splendidly embodies an old-world allure. The space is adorned with a Boho garden flower wallpaper backdrop, complemented by timeless Jenny Lind maple furniture, a wingback nursery chair, and pink-toned vintage nursery art – all combined to produce a setting that feels at once both nostalgic and refreshingly unique.


This Barbie-inspired pink nursery, with its light dusty pink wallpaper, splendid heirloom-quality nursery furnishings, gorgeous capiz honeycomb pendant, and delightful vintage Barbie prints, combines glamour and charm, creating the perfect haven for your Barbie-loving little one.


This light pink nursery exhibits the perfect marriage of design elements – Pink sand feather wallpaper, an ivory diamond textured trellis rug, and a striking hand-hewn tropical hardwood dresser – all joining forces to create a loving and harmonious sanctuary.


This sweet pink nursery, adorned with light blush pink feminine wallpaper, a pink and ivory floral transitional rug, and an antique-inspired spindle crib, is a delightful blend of modern design balance and vintage sophistication – resulting in a space that is equally inviting, comfortable, and aesthetically engaging.


This pink nursery, with its delicate floral wallpaper, brushed pencil pleat blackout curtains, and blush floral and medallion pattern rug, offers a chic ambiance, suffused with a classic Hollywood charm and a touch of modern design sensibility.

bryn's nursery

This space features a delightful watercolor peony wallpaper pattern, a classic nursery dresser boasting an antique silhouette, and charming pink bow valance curtains. The warm tones in combination with the pink theme create an ambiance filled with warmth and love.


This elegant and sophisticated nursery space, featuring a delightful pink poppy flowers floral nursery wallpaper, a brushed gold nursery dresser, a hand tufted washed linen cotton upholstered crib, and a stunning 5-Light chandelier is the epitome of tastefully planned and well-executed design, creating a comforting and aesthetically pleasing environment.


This sophisticated nursery, featuring a charming pink watercolor check wallpaper backdrop, a tufted crib, a classically designed dresser, and a vintage-inspired mirror, merges style with practicality — building a calm, cultured, and captivating sanctuary for your baby.


Discover this harmonious pink and gray nursery design, which artfully combines these gentle hues. The delicate pink tones envelop the room with warmth and charm, while the grays infuse it with a modern touch. This elegant view unites the best of both worlds – the tender appeal of pink with the contemporary sophistication of gray.


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