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We're diving into the oh-so-pretty world of pink nurseries, sharing 18 absolutely swoon-worthy and tranquil pink nursery ideas. From the softest whispers of rose to the chic, on-trend vibes of setting plaster, pink is proving to be the ultimate chameleon of colors. 

Imagine the sheer delight of pale confetti hues, the sophistication of setting plaster shades, and the warmth of deeper terracotta tones. Pink, in all its glory, provides a perfectly versatile backdrop, capable of whispering tales of modernity or singing sonnets of classic country-house elegance. It's no wonder it's been crowned the most captivating color for a room.

Why do we adore pink nurseries? Beyond their obvious chic factor, these spaces offer a soothing retreat both you and your little one will love. They're the perfect blend of style and serenity, creating a nursery that feels just right, from early morning cuddles to late-night lullabies.

So, whether you're all about making a soft and subtle statement or you're ready to embrace the depth of richer tones, remember: a pink nursery isn't just a space. It's a warm hug, a tender kiss, and an ode to the beautiful journey ahead.

Below, gorgeous pink nursery ideas:

Soft Pink Nurseries

Soft pinks are wonderful for splashing a dollop of fun and a swirl of elegance into the baby’s room. It's a timeless choice, while also hugging the room with the gentleness of an early morning blush sky. It sets the stage for giggles, dreams, and tender moments, creating an ambience that's both playful and sophisticated.

Take a look at Sophia's nursery with Farrow & Ball's Pink Ground. This shade is not just any pink; think of it as the softest blush, whispering elegance into the room. It creates a warm and soothing ambiance that feels utterly refined, far from anything overly sweet or cloying.

Another dreamy hue that’s just perfect for a nursery is Benjamin Moore's Bridal Pink. It's like they bottled up the first blush of a sunrise and turned it into paint. This shade has a hint of peach that makes it absolutely divine, striking that delightful balance between feminine charm and a chic, sophisticated vibe. It’s the kind of pink that whispers rather than shouts, lending a soft, inviting glow to any room.

rose's nursery | 2024 nursery ideas

Mid-tone Pink Nurseries

For those of us venturing beyond the pale, consider this chic tip: mid-tone pinks bring a whole new level of sophistication to your baby's first room. In Josephine's nursery, we embraced PPG Paints' Subdued—a captivating mid-tone that flirts with the richness of Merlot red and the warmth of oaky undertones.

It's more than just pink; it's a study in subtlety and elegance, creating an ambiance that's both romantic and incredibly restful—ideal for those quiet moments of lullabies and cuddles. This shade isn't just beautiful; it's practical, growing with your child and effortlessly transitioning through their early years. Imagine it paired with creamy whites or deep brown for a look that's as refined as it is loving.

Josephine's nursery

Pink Floral Nurseries

Diving into a full-on pink paint commitment for a nursery can feel like a leap, especially if you’re aiming for subtlety with a dash of sophistication. But, there’s a chic workaround that infuses both pink hues and femininity without overwhelming the space. Picture this: pink floral wallpaper. Yes, it’s as delightful as it sounds!

It adds that touch of femininity and warmth, without going too far into the pink spectrum. And let's talk versatility—whether you're dreaming of a whimsical garden or a soft, abstract bloom, there’s a design out there that’s just your cup of tea.

This approach lets you play with patterns and textures, adding layers of interest that paint alone can't achieve. Plus, it creates an enchanting focal point in the room, setting the stage for your nursery to be a place of wonder and creativity. And the best part? It grows with your child, fitting perfectly whether they're in onesies or prepping for preschool.


Barbiecore Nurseries

If you've got a penchant for pink and a dash of nostalgia, why not bring a bit of fabulous fun into your little one's nursery with a Barbiecore vibe? Imagine this: walls wrapped in gorgeous pink wallpaper that’s every bit as vibrant as it sounds—filled with playful patterns or perhaps even chic, modern designs that nod subtly to our favorite fashion icon, Barbie.

Now, add in those Barbie accents—think adorable miniature dream cars, stylish doll prints, or even elegant little furnishings inspired by Barbie's very own dreamhouse. It's not just a nursery; it's a playful homage to a beloved classic, reimagined for your newest family member.


Pink Wallpaper Nurseries

So, you’re swooning over pink nursery ideas, but the thought of painting has you seeing, well, not pink. No worries, because we' ve got the perfect style hack—dive into the world of removable wallpaper. We're talking about chic, commitment-free, and totally transformative!

In both Hannah's and Abigail's nurseries, we embraced this design lifesaver with a stunning light pink faux linen wallpaper. It’s like giving the walls a cozy hug with a whisper of pink that's oh-so-gentle and soft to the touch.

This peel-and-stick wonder is the ultimate nursery ally. Change your mind, or when it's time to update the room for your growing tot, just peel off and start afresh. It’s design freedom without the strings, giving you that high-end look with all the practical perks.

ABIGAIL'S NURSERY | 2024 nursery ideas

Romantic Gray Pink Nurseries

If you want to create the most enchanting nursery with a splash of pink that's all grown up- consider Farrow & Ball's Peignoir. Truly, this shade is like the Chanel suit of the paint world. Imagine that soft, wistful pink with a whisper of grey, adding a layer of romance and sophistication that's far, far from your everyday bubblegum or Barbie pink.

With Peignoir’s graceful blend of pink and grey, you’re not just painting a wall; you’re creating a backdrop for the sweetest of dreams and a room that grows with your little one. Pair it with soft textures and subtle metallics, and voilà, you’ve got a nursery that’s as stylish as it is welcoming.


Mellow Pink Nurseries

If you’re envisioning a nursery that strikes the perfect balance between vibrant and soothing, you simply must consider Fairest Pink by Benjamin Moore. This hue is nothing short of a dream! It's the ideal blend of warmth, steering clear of that all-too-familiar bubblegum boldness.

Imagine a pink that’s alive with color—bright enough to stimulate your little one’s imagination, yet subdued enough to create a peaceful sanctuary for those precious nap times. Fairest Pink has this magical way of lighting up a room with its lively spirit while keeping the vibe wonderfully mellow. It’s like the room is gently smiling at you!


Earthy and Dusty Nurseries

If you are looking for the perfect whisper of pink that's neither too loud nor too soft, let's talk about Dead Salmon by Farrow & Ball. Its name doesn't do justice to its stunning depth and versatility. This shade is like the chameleon of pinks - earthy, with a dusky charm that makes it an absolute gem in nurseries.

It has a presence that's undeniably stylish yet so comfortably familiar. It's this gorgeous balance that makes it a dream for spaces where you want warmth without the weight, softness without the saccharine. For Little One's nursery, it's basically a hug in paint form, setting a backdrop that's as serene as it is sophisticated.

Another divine shade of dusty pink is Behr's Rosewater. It's like capturing the essence of a soft, early morning sky right on your walls. Now, imagine pairing this with the timeless elegance of board and batten. That's exactly what we did in Celeste's nursery, and the result was nothing short of enchanting.

Rosewater isn't your average pink; it has this gorgeous depth that plays beautifully with light, lending an air of sophistication and warmth to the room. It's the perfect backdrop for lulling your little one to sleep or sparking those early imaginations.

luna's nursery
Celeste's nursery

Muted Rose Nurseries

Lets talk about a paint color that's been capturing our hearts and transforming spaces with its understated elegance – it's none other than the  delicately muted Farrow & Ball Sulking Room Pink. It's a sophisticated, muted rose that wraps the room in a cozy, warm embrace without overwhelming it with sweetness.

Its powdery finish gives it a softness that's just dreamy, making it the perfect backdrop for those looking to introduce a touch of color that's both refined and versatile. And when it comes to playing well with others, Sulking Room Pink is a true team player. This hue pairs beautifully with complementary tones, inviting you to mix and match to your heart's content, whether you're leaning into its warmth with rich, earthy accents or cooling things down with crisp, light neutrals.

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