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When preparing for a new bundle of joy, the sheer volume of baby accessories - clothes, toys, diapers, feeding supplies and myriad other essentials - can be overwhelming. More so when trying to fit everything neatly in your nursery. But fret not! With carefully planned organization and a pinch of creativity, you can create a delightful, clutter-free nursery, where every item has its place. Ahead- 10 creative baby accessories organization ideas that promise to keep the nursery efficient, accessible, and aesthetically pleasing.

Each has been chosen for its ability to not only keep your nursery tidy and efficient, but also enhance the room's overall aesthetic.

baby accessories organization ideas

Read on to find how you can transform your baby's room into an organized oasis that's as pretty as it is practical.

10 Chic and Efficient Baby Accessories Organization Ideas for a Stylish Nursery

Stylish Open Shelves

Open shelves aren’t just trendy; they're versatile and practical. Showcase pretty baskets or boxes filled with baby essentials on these shelves, keeping everything from pacifiers to onesies within arm's reach.

nursery closet decluttering tips


Hanging Organizers

Save on precious floor space with a stylish hanging organizer. Whether for diapers, small toys or bibs, these units are a fantastic way to keep necessities close at hand while adding flair to your nursery walls.

best over the door organizer for the baby's closet

Wire Baskets

Wire baskets are stylish and see-through, allowing you to know exactly where everything is kept. Whether it’s baby shoes, soft toys, or swaddles, these baskets serve the dual purpose of organizer and décor accessory.

baby accessories organization ideas

Versatile Pegboards

When it comes to customization and versatility, pegboards shine. You can hang baskets, small shelves, or hooks to store and display limitless baby items, all in one compact space.

baby accessories organization ideas

Hanging Clothes Rack

Combine function and fashion with a wall-mounted clothes rack. Perfect for those cute baby outfits, these racks also act as a décor statement piece while freeing up nursery floor space.

baby accessories organization ideas

Chic Dresser with Changing Table

Create a multi-purpose station by choosing a dresser that doubles as a changing table. It provides ample storage for diapers, clothes, and baby wipes and ensures necessary supplies are always within reach.

baby accessories organization ideas

Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer

These are perfect for storing baby essentials. Fill the pockets with everything from shoes to swaddles – it’s space-saving and makes items easy to spot and grab.

best over the door organizers for the nursery

Diaper Caddy

Keep all the diaper-changing essentials in one portable space with a stylish diaper caddy.

baby accessories organization ideas

Divided Drawers

Drawer dividers in the dresser drawer ensure that each accessory has its own designated spot.

baby accessories organization ideas


Purchase or make a custom bow holder that complements your nursery décor. It can be anything from a wooden or fabric-covered frame with strings or hooks to hold the bows or even an embroidery hoop wrapped with fabric or lace.

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