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Turn your baby's nursery into a stylish and relaxing space with our favorite nursery decor accessories. 

When it comes to designing a nursery, each element you introduce plays a pivotal role, but what truly brings personality, warmth, and that cozy, "I-could-stay-here-forever" feeling to the space is the nursery decor. Think of it like the cherry on top of a sundae - it's the delightful finishing touch that effortlessly brings everything together.

Go wrong with your choice of decor, and it can make the space feel disheveled and overwhelming, making those late-night feeding sessions significantly less soothing. But when done right, with a thoughtful amalgamation of colors, patterns, and textures, the decor creates a harmonious balance, setting the right ambiance for sweet dreams and memorable moments.

So, it's safe to say, nursery decor has the magical ability of seamlessly weaving charm and character into your design narrative, making it the 'make or break' element of any nursery.

Choosing the best decor for your baby's room is like curating your very own art gallery – it's a chance for you to showcase your style, express your love, and create a nurturing environment.

Start this process by pinpointing a nursery theme or color scheme that resonates with you. Whether it's sophisticated neutrals, nursery rhymes come alive or a love letter to nature, this central idea will guide your selections and lead to a cohesive look.

When selecting decor pieces, aim for a blend of aesthetics and functionality – think decorative storage baskets, stylish bookshelves, or chic wall hooks. Remember, the little details, such as luxe textiles, playful wall art, and charming lighting fixtures, add delightful finishing touches. And of course, personal touches – like a custom name sign or a framed family photo – give the space that one-of-a-kind charm. After all, the best nursery decor, much like the best memories, is created with heaps of love and a touch of flair.

our favorite nursery decor accessories.

We've rounded up the best nursery decor items that will elevate the style in the baby's room.


Wallpaper is an easy way to elevate the style of the baby's room by adding color and pattern to the nursery. Decorate the nursery with wallpaper to create a calm and serene baby nursery. You could also choose a palette and pattern to make a statement wall. Or perhaps, decorate with a rich floral wallpaper design to add a punch to the nursery.

Below, shop our favorite wallpaper picks.


Looking for wall decor ideas to bring into the nursery? Nursery wall art is our favorite nursery decor to turn boring bare walls into something interesting and infused with personality. The possibilities are truly endless from incorporating an oversized painting to creating a gallery wall or perhaps opting for a gorgeous photo display.

Below, shop our favorite nursery wall art picks.


If you ask us, a nursery mobile is a must have in the baby's nursery. A mobile will keep the little one entertained, add whimsy to the room and even help the baby drift off to sleep.

Below, shop our favorite nursery mobile picks.


When designing a baby's nursery, we try to create spaces that are playful, whimsical, visually stimulating and helps nurture baby's imagination and development. So whether designing a safari inspired nursery, great outdoors nursery or even a travel theme nursery,  incorporate stuffed animals or an animal head into your nursery design.

Below, shop our favorite nursery animal head picks.


Nursery garlands are the perfect nursery decor to add movement and whimsy to the baby's nursery. From bunting flags to flower garlands and feather garlands, the possibilities are endless.

Below, shop our favorite  nursery garland picks.


There are so many reasons why we loving bringing in a beautiful mirror into the nursery. A mirror can really transform the nursery design by amplifying light, adding drama, creating interesting reflections and of course, by framing views. If you are decorating a small nursery a mirror can be specially helpful in creating the illusion of space by playing off natural light from the windows.

Below, shop our favorite nursery mirror picks.


Throw pillows are a great nursery decor accessory that throws quite a punch and bring out the subtle design features of the nursery. Add a couple of accent pillows to the nursery and bring in throw pillows that have texture to create visual interest.

Below, shop our favorite nursery throw pillow picks.


The nursery needs curtains both as a finishing decorative touch but more importantly to keep light out when baby is taking a nap. 

Below, shop our favorite nursery curtain picks.


When it comes to nursery bedding, we like to stick with just a fitted crib sheet since the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends keeping soft objects and loose bedding out of the sleeping area. When choosing the crib sheets, keep in mind that baby's skin is quite sensitive so pick textiles made from natural fibers such as linen and organic cotton.

Below, shop our favorite nursery bedding picks.


Nursery lighting is important for creating the right mood in the nursery and for adjusting the ambiance of the space. In the nursery, you'll need direct central lighting as well as a soft light always to reduce insecurity and fear of the darkness. Regardless of whether you are incorporating a chandelier, pendant, table lamps, floor lamps or a combination, the key is to layer lighting. Layering allows you to create a nursery that's visually and functionally balanced.

Below, shop our favorite nursery lighting picks.


Nursery storage is without a doubt what makes a nursery functional and keeps the space organized. When it comes to nursery storage, it is as simple as adding bins and baskets to stash away items. Besides, baskets are often overlooked as statement pieces in their own right. Baskets are so pretty, functional and quite easy to move from place to place. 

Below, shop our favorite nursery storage picks.


The nursery rug plays a huge part in the design of the space. A rug essentially completes the nursery design by tying all of the different pieces together visually. One of the most important things to consider is the size of the rug. Ideally, the rug should be at least a foot way from the wall and should be large enough so at least the front legs of the furniture are on it.

Below, shop our favorite nursery rug picks.


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