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This is "Nursery Decorating Made Simple: A Step by Step Guide", where we strive to make the journey of nursery decorating as rewarding as the destination. In this guide, you'll be introduced to simple yet elegant ways of creating a space that's not only delightful and welcoming for your tiny tot but also reflects your individual style and comfort.

Our aim is to ensure that every corner of your
baby's nursery is crafted with love, care, and a sense of purpose. We dwell into the art and science of nursery decor, charting the course from picking the perfect color palette and theme to setting up multifunctional and aesthetically pleasing storage solutions. 

We tackle the big decisions and the minute details, making every step simple to follow, ensuring a stylish, comforting, and practical nursery awaits your little bundle of joy.

We'll demystify each phase of the nursery decorating process, transforming it into a rewarding and doable project. So whether you are a seasoned parent or a new one, this walkthrough is for you.


Let's create a nursery that becomes home to your baby's dreams, discoveries, and first milestones!



You will be spending A LOT of time in the baby's room , so it is well worth it to create a nursery you and your baby will love. Many of you will be starting from a blank slate with decorating the nursery, so enjoy the design process.

First, take some time and browse through our Nursery Lookbook or other magazines and pick baby room ideas that resonate with you. It could be the colors, the textures, themes, furniture or accessories that speak to you.

Once you've identified some nursery designs, you'll be able to find commonalities. Perhaps you are drawn to mid-century styles or you love coastal styles or you just adore a particular color.

Another important thing to consider is how the nursery will interact with the style in the rest of the home. Do you want to have a cohesive look throughout the home? Would you prefer to continue the same color palette?

The definition of your nursery style transcends merely reflecting your personal taste - it serves as an essential roadmap guiding you through every subsequent decor decision. From the color scheme to the furniture selection, to the choice of fixtures and fittings, having a defined style simplifies the decision-making process and paves the way for a coherent, harmoniously designed nursery.

So, chart the course of your nursery decorating journey by defining your style, envisioning a haven that not only cocoons your little one in warmth and affection but also mirrors your inner sensibilities and philosophies.

nursery decorating guide


If you are stumped, just take our 2 minute Nursery Style Quiz. It'll help you figure out your style preferences and give personalized ideas. Taking the time now to narrow down the style will payoff and you'll be able to design a nursery that looks pulled together as well as beautiful.


Having navigated the exciting step of defining your signature style for the nursery, the journey now takes you to the enchanting world of color palettes. The chosen color scheme plays a significant role in setting the mood and tone of your baby's haven, reflecting the joyful spirit of your chosen nursery style.

Ponder over hues that echo your preferred aesthetic, whether it’s pastel tones for a soft, delicate ambiance, vibrant colors for a playful vibe, or neutral tones for a minimalist, contemporary design. You could consider a classic pink or blue palette, or choose to explore unconventional choices like earthy greens, sunny yellows or calming greys. The shades you choose should fuse seamlessly with your chosen style, enveloping the space in a cradle of harmony and visual appeal.

Remember, choosing the right color palette isn't merely about visual pleasure or aesthetic allegiance. It's about creating a comforting cocoon, a calming space infused with personality and love where your little one can dream, explore and grow. So go on, let those creative juices flow and let your chosen color palette paint your baby's very first world.

nursery decorating made simple


This step is truly exhilarating for budding creatives and prepared planners alike! Having defined your nursery style and selected your color palette, the next exciting phase is the creation of a mood board. This is a tangible platform where your imagination takes flight, and your dream nursery begins to take shape. A mood board is an invaluable tool that allows you to visualize the cohesive alignment of various design elements, laying the groundwork for your nursery masterpiece.

Picture this as your personal canvas where you curate and compile the various elements integral to your nursery decor. It includes photos of the crib, nursing chair, rug, decorative accessories, lighting fixtures, and other elements that you plan to incorporate in the nursery. Piece them together organically and watch as the stunning tableau of your nursery comes alive, a precious prelude to the real deal.

When assembling your mood board, aim for photos that are free of additional styling or background elements, preferably against a white backdrop for the best perspective. This unembellished style allows for a clear, unbiased visual of how these pieces synchronise with each other and within your defined style and color scheme. Take a step back, assess, make changes, and fine-tune, until you arrive at a pleasing, serene arrangement that brings your nursery vision to life. Don't rush this process, relish it, for the mood board stages the first glimpse of your carefully curated nursery, a testament to your journey as a parent-to-be.

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Now that you've curated your style and mood board, it's time to unravel the puzzle of the ideal nursery layout. This crucial step aims at designing a coherent and functional floor plan that effortlessly accommodates all the necessary furnishings and accessories while ensuring comfortable movement within the nursery.

Start by assessing the available space in the nursery and understanding its unique architectural features, such as windows, doors, and in-built storage if any. Then, envision where each piece of furniture will reside. Where will the crib be most secure? Where should the changing table be for easy accessibility? How can the seating area also offer a peaceful view? Figuring out the answers to these questions will guide you in creating an optimal nursery layout.

There is as much science as there is art in designing a nursery layout. It's about striking the right balance between practicality to support those midnight feeding times, diaper changes, playdates, and aesthetics that echo your mood board's inspirations.

Creating a harmonious and functional layout is the key to making your dreams of the perfect nursery take flight into reality. Let your intuition guide you and imagine your daily routine in this space. Over time, this room will be filled with coos, crawls, first steps and giggles, so the layout should pave the way for those unforgettable moments of joy and discovery.

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This is the stage where your nursery begins to physically take shape, transforming from abstract idea to palpable reality. The furniture pieces you choose should not only fit your identified style and layout but also fulfill all functional needs. Conversation starters might include an elegant crib, a comfy nursing chair, a robust changing table, or enchanting storage units and bookcases for the myriad of baby essentials.

Yet, selecting nursery furniture extends beyond pure aesthetics and functionality. These will be the pieces that anchor your nursery, each telling a story - be it the crib under which your baby drifts into peaceful slumber or the rocking chair where many bedtime stories might be narrated. So, take your time browsing through various options, imagining each piece fitting into your nursery, contributing its own line to the story of your baby's earliest years.

nursery decorating guide


It's amazing how much stuff comes with having a little baby. And, the baby size stuff can make a pretty big mess if you don't get a handle on it. The key to maintaining a beautiful nursery is to add plenty of storage solutions and to focus on nursery organization from the beginning.

As a new mom with a newborn, life can be quite stressful with little rest and taking care of a newborn. Having an organized nursery can help set you up to be more effective, less stressed and make life with your baby easier.

  • Use baskets, shelves and drawers to organize and store the diapering essentials
  • Add baskets to store and organize baby's swaddles and blankets.
  • Use drawer organizers to organize and store baby's towels, blankets and swaddles, in one easily viewed space and you are sure to achieve KonMari-level neatness in your drawer.
  • Organize your baby's small closet to maximize space and store baby's clothes.
  • Utilize storage cubes to organize the baby's closet and use every inch of free space.
  • Use wire baskets to store and organize baby's toys. You'll be able to access the toys easily, yet keep it tucked away when baby's not playing.
  • Hang ledges or shelves to create your baby's first library in the nursery and develop a lifelong love of books.


Once you've relished the delight of selecting the perfect furniture for your baby's nursery, the next chapter in your design journey is the enchanting phase of choosing nursery lighting. Lighting is an integral and powerful element that serves a dual purpose, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Nursery lighting should be carefully considered, as it affects the overall ambiance, safety, and comfort of the space. Consider the various types of lights that may be used in different areas of the room, such as general lighting, task lighting, and decorative lighting. Each type plays a crucial role in the grand symphony of the nursery's illumination.

General lighting, such as ceiling fixtures or flush mounts, sets the stage by offering an even spread of light throughout the room. Task lighting, such as a reading lamp by the nursing chair or a floor lamp near the changing table, directly addresses specific areas where additional light may be required.

But don't forget the magical touch that decorative lighting bestows. Night lights, fairy lights, or fanciful wall sconces can beautifully accentuate your nursery's theme and add a layer of wonder and warmth to the room, helping create a soothing, cozy atmosphere for your little one to slumber in.

While choosing lighting for your nursery, pay special attention to safety. Ensure there are no exposed cords that could pose a risk and that the lights are safely installed at a suitable distance from the crib or changing area.

nursery decorating guide


It's time to tread on the soft grounds of selecting the ideal nursery rug. This understated yet significant element introduces a new dimension to the nursery decor, adding much-needed texture, warmth, and a playful splash of character to the room.

Choosing the perfect nursery rug isn't simply about picking a design that fits your color palette or theme. Yes, that's an important aspect, but equally crucial considerations include the texture, size, and placement of the rug. One must remember that this rug will be more than just a floor covering — it's going to be a soft playground for your little one, a stage for their first crawl or steps, and a canvas for endless imaginative play.

When shopping for a nursery rug, aim for one that feels soft and comfortable underfoot, but is also durable and easy to maintain. Aim to strike a balance between practicality and plushness — think of a machine-washable rug with a thick pile — to ensure it can withstand frequent cleanups while providing a cozy and safe surface for your baby.

In terms of size, the rug you choose should align with the proportions of the room and the placement of the furniture. The ideal rug should be large enough to anchor the room's design but not so overwhelming that it dominates the space. Likewise, the placement of the rug itself can guide certain activities, encouraging play in a certain part of the room or offering a soft pad alongside the crib for late-night standbys.

Embrace this opportunity to introduce a touch of whimsy, a pop of color, or an exciting pattern that amplifies the nursery's charms. Be it a serene coastal theme, a wild safari eskort, or a celestial night sky, the nursery rug can help echo the theme you've lovingly chosen. With an expansive array of sizes, styles, and materials available, you're sure to find the rug that would lay down the foundations of countless baby adventures, nestled within the heart of your home.


The journey to designing your baby's nursery takes a delightful turn as you enter the enchanting phase of adding accessories. This step serves as the magical brushstroke that breathes personality, style, and a one-of-a-kind spirit into the nursery. Your chosen accessories, with their individual charm and function, help transform the room into a unique world that mirrors your aspirations and dreams for your little one.

Adding accessories to the nursery is like weaving a fascinating story into the fabric of the room. Each piece, whether it's a functional storage solution, an impactful piece of wall art, cherished keepsakes, or adorable soft toys, adds a new chapter to this story. Each accessory lends its own charm, contributing to the room's ambiance and staging an inviting space for your baby and you alike.

Consider an array of delightful nursery wall art that can light up both the room and your baby's imagination. Framed illustrations, whimsical decals, or even pages from your favorite childhood storybooks can inject life into the walls and ceiling. Similarly, nursery fabrics such as blankets, throw pillows, and curtains should paint a harmonious color palette while reinforcing the overall theme and making baby’s world soft and comforting.

Storage solutions can be a fantastic mix of utility and aesthetics. Opt for charming baskets, chic floating shelves, or adorable storage bins that not only neatly store baby’s essentials but also enhance the room's visual appeal.



As your carefully chosen nursery furniture is making its way to your home, this is the moment you've been waiting for — the exciting transition where you invite change into your baby's room project. Time for a stylish overhaul. Let's roll up those sleeves, clear out the space, and dove into the thrilling task of infusing new life with a fresh coat of paint or wallpaper installation.

This is the step where we focus on "out with the old, in with the new." Start by decluttering and making room for all the fabulous new pieces you've picked out. Think of this as a refreshing opportunity to purge the unnecessary, creating an open, airy space that's ready to receive the new story you're about to weave.

Next up, it's time to dress the walls. Whether you opt for a couture color of paint, a pastel-palette perfect for the tender years, or make a bold statement with an edgy wallpaper design, the walls are your canvas to express your unique style. Remember, this isn't just about dabbling color or plastering patterns. It’s a dance between your design sensibilities and the room’s potential — a dance choreographed to create an aesthetic appeal that will foster your baby's dreams and aspirations.

Drawing on sophistication, style, and a little practicality, consider non-toxic paint or easy-to-clean wallpaper for those inevitable little accidents. This way, your revamped walls won't just be a sight for sore eyes but also a mindful choice keeping your baby's wellbeing at heart.


With the creative tasks of painting and wallpapering successfully checked off your list, the rewarding phase of assembling your nursery awaits. Start by embracing the charm of the distinctive rug you've carefully selected. Position this inviting piece in its designated home as a soft centerpiece around which everything else will punctuate.

Next, it's time to invite the meticulously chosen furniture into the room. Every item has been thoughtfully picked, a result of hours spent imagining, planning, and envisioning the perfect nursery. As the crib, dresser, rocking chair, or other chosen pieces take their places, you'll watch as your nursery steadily evolves from an empty canvas into a well designed space, a cozy corner of the world that belongs solely to your little one.

Embrace the magic of personal styling by adorning the nursery with hand-picked accessories that express your unique taste. From lovely wall art and decorative shelves to whimsical mobiles and plush toys, each add-on transforms the nursery, giving it personality and warmth.

Remember, creating a space you adore is a process, not an overnight task. It flourishes with the time and care you provide, making each selection with thought and love. Continue to refine, curate, and style until you can look around the room and feel a resounding sense of absolute fondness for every single detail.

Take this journey step by step and savor every moment. Keep experimenting with your choices and placements, move things around, swap items if needed, and watch as the nursery transforms and grows alongside you. 

nursery decorating guide


Alright then, you've got this! You are on your way to pulling together the perfect nursery for your baby. And, if you follow this Nursery Decorating Guide, you'll take the stress out, design a nursery exactly the way you want and avoid costly design mistakes.

Again, here's the breakdown of what you need to do to decorate the baby's nursery.

1. Define the Nursery Style

2.Take the Nursery Style Quiz

3. Choose the Nursery Color Palette

4. Put together a Nursery Mood Board

5. Figure out the Nursery Layout

6. Pick Nursery Furniture

7. Add Nursery Storage Solutions

8. Pick Nursery Lighting

9. Choose a Nursery Rug

10. Add Accessories to the baby's room

11. Paint the Nursery

12. Complete the Baby Nursery


When SHOULD I start decorating the nursery?

You want to make sure that's plenty of time to decorate the nursery so are not playing catch up and stressing out. It's great if you are able to define your nursery style, pin down your nursery color palette and plan your nursery design budget by the time your 18-20 weeks pregnant.


There are a few nursery essentials you'll need for the baby's room to make sure the baby is safe and comfortable as well for you to help you take care of baby's needs. The nursery must haves include a crib/bassinet, nursery bedding, a changing table/dresser, nursery chair, ottoman/pouf, side table, a clothes hamper, sound machine, baby monitor, curtains and lighting.


You want the baby's nursery to be both beautiful and practical. When setting up the baby's nursery, try to make it as efficient as possible to help you take care of the baby. We recommend you focus on creating stations/ zones when planning your nursery layout. The essential stations you will need to create in the baby's room include a sleeping area, diapering station and nursing nook. 


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