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If you've got a little one with a knack for creating Picasso-inspired paintings or Crayola masterpieces, then we are sure you're no stranger to the riot of brushes, paints, and glitter that illuminates our little ones' creative corner. This, is where "Art" meets "Organized Chaos" in a cacophony of creativity! Ahead-13 genius ways to organize kids arts supplies.

Imagine this – a stylishly curated corner where every felt-tip pen, every crayon, and each piece of glittery goodness has its chic, dedicated spot. Where tidying up doesn't feel like an uphill battle against a color-soaked tidal wave. Our mission, is turning this vision into reality!

So, unleash your inner organizer and brace yourself for a sophisticated soiree with style and functionality. We're about to unravel 13 genius ways to organize your kids art supplies.

Let's step into this magical journey of color-coded, beautifully streamlined art-supply solutions, destined to revolutionize your space and inspire even more creativity.  This is where the organized magic happens!



If there's one design trick we adore for adding a sophisticated touch of organization to a child's art space, it's utilizing baskets and bins. They're the absolute charmers of the storage world, dare we say. Whether you're looking to organize kaleidoscope-colored crayons or stacks of drawing paper, these beauties are a practical and stylish godsend.

Let's envision together - a row of tastefully chosen bins, designed to effortlessly blend with the rest of your home decor. Inside, materials are stored with versatile grace - fabrics folded to neat perfection, bits of cardboard stacked with style, and paper towels rolled with finesse. It's the epitome of everyday items transformed into an aesthetically pleasing, organized, and accessible set-up.

kids art supplies storage


If you've ever experienced the joy (and let's admit it, the challenge) of setting up a children’s art station then we've got some fabulous news for you. It's time to ditch the fuss (yes, those infamous "where should I place this?" moments) and say hello to your new best friend: a chic, uber-functional kitchen cart.

Now, picture this – a compact, mobile art station that stylishly caters to the vivid rainbow of art supplies our petite Picassos love so much. Shelves filled with color-coded bins, a flip-top counter that reveals a stash of paints and brushes, and cute hooks on the side. Perfect for hanging cute aprons splattered with previous art adventures, don’t you think?
kids art supplies organization ideas


If you've ever felt like every paintbrush, sequin, and sheet of colored paper should have a forever-home, then meet your new organization ally: the charming ten drawer rainbow cart.

Imagine all those glorious, vibrantly hued drawers just calling out to be filled with your child's beautiful creative mess. Each colorful drawer, a personal abode for different art supplies. Reds and blues, pinks and purples, glitters and glues, each gets their chic sanctuary in this whimsical, rainbow-dappled world.

And the beauty of this cart is not just skin-deep. It's not merely an eye-catching spectrum of color, but a functional artist's dream. Cascading drawers make sorting a breeze, and are spacious enough to neatly tuck away a variety of supplies while offering enough depth for sequin bags and pots of glitter.

kids art supplies organization


Picture the scene - no more hands rummaging through a seemingly bottomless bin of art supplies, no more "Where did my purple sequin go?" conundrums. That's the serene, stylish future we're aiming for. And you know what's the trendy route to reach there? Beautiful clear containers.

Can you see it now? A suite of these sleek, transparent vignettes, each holding a colorful collection of crayons, markers, glitter tubes and more. By choosing this crystal clear option, we're not just organizing, we're also maximizing accessibility and visibility. Our little artists can playfully glance and know exactly where their lemon-yellow pastel or turquoise paint bottle resides.
kids art supplies storage


Let's sprinkle a dash of design genius into your space - think vertical, upward, skyward! With chic planning, every inch of our walls can become a stunning testament to organization. Wall storage, is your ultimate accomplice when it comes to storing the medley of art supplies.
kids art supplies organization

6. tabletop TIERED BASKET

Let's talk about one of our favorite tricks in the organization playbook - table tiered baskets. These beauties are far from just another pretty face. They are a stylish companion for your child's artistic exploits, as they streamline and organize the colorful array of supplies that inspire little creative minds.

Picture this - a gorgeous, tiered basket sitting majestically on your table, each level blooming with a different color scheme or holding different supplies. Imagine how conveniently crayons, brushes, papers, and glitters are organized on the multiple tiers. Accessibility and visibility get a chic upgrade, and rummaging through art supplies becomes a thing of the past.

kids art supplies storage


Allow us to introduce you to the star of my fabulously functional organizing world - a stunning storage unit for art supplies, conjured up with nothing more than chic IKEA cubbies. Truly, this is style and sensibility in a lovely, decluttering package!

Can you imagine it? Rows and rows of spacious cubbies, waiting to swagger their organizational brilliance. Each cubby presenting a mini-museum of colored pencils, crayons, glitter pots and, oh so many exciting art supplies that could ignite a little artist's imagination. Organized, visible, and ready for the masterpiece in progress!
kids art supplies


Have you ever gazed at an empty wall and felt a ripple of inspiration? You know, that delightful nudge to transform “nada” into “voila!" If that feeling resonates with you, then let’s infuse that bland, unutilized space with a dash of creativity. How, you ask? With our beloved pegboard.

Now, consider the magic of a pegboard transforming into a vivacious art supplies station for the little creators. The humble pegboard, so often overlooked, is actually a versatile superstar waiting for its spotlight. Its grid of opportunities stands ready to cradle paint pots, brushes, craft scissors, and more.

kids art supplies storage ideas


Let's paint a picture of an art station that genuinely captures your heart. One that marries functionality with flair, organization with aesthetics. And the secret ingredient? Elegant glass jars.

Now, picture this: an assemblage of sparkling glass jars sitting atop your art station, each brimming with an array of vibrantly colored pencils, cheery markers, perfect pastels, and glitter tubes that wink back at you. You see, these humble glass containers are much more than just storage solutions. They can transform a cluttered mass of art supplies into a curated display turning the practical into the picturesque!


Can we talk about the unsung hero of the organization world - the ever-so-versatile over the door organizer? Forget about the closet, these lovelies are just perfect for bringing some stylish order to your children's art supplies. Especially when we’re aiming to squeeze every ounce of storage potential from every corner of those precious spaces we proudly call home.

kids art station organization


Let's dive right into the pièce de résistance of any art station – the venerable craft table. Not just any table, but a workhorse that is both a visual delight and a paragon of practicality. Every aspiring artist's haven needs one just like this, right at the heart of their creative oasis.

Close your eyes and imagine it. A generously spacious table, its surface eager to welcome those artistic endeavors. It becomes a map of vibrant chaos, scattered with colored pencils, tubes of paint, sequins, and plastered with imaginative dreams. Yet, when the creating ends, it's easy to restore it to its pristine state, ready again for the next burst of imagination.

art supplies organization


Let's explore another creative avenue that will transform your space into a gallery of imagination - a fabulous corkboard wall. Yes, you heard it right! An entire wall dedicated to celebrating your budding artists' masterpieces.

Just think about it. A sweeping expanse of cork at your disposal, just waiting to be adorned with colorful scribbles, doodles, collages, and so much more. It's like your personal art exhibition, revealing the amazing progression of your child's creativity!
kids art supplies organization


Just when you thought your child's art station couldn't get any better, allow us to introduce to you the unsung hero of continuous creativity: the charming studio roller.

Now, what we tell you that you could have a never-ending canvas right at your fingertips? The studio roller, an effortlessly cool addition to any art hub, offers just that! Hang it, unravel it, and voila! A sprawling stretch of paper lies in waiting, at the mercy of your mini artist's creative whims.
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