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One of the most common inquiries we receive is - "What do I need in a nursery?" It's understandable that parents, especially first-timers, often find themselves overwhelmed by the array of options and suggestions available. We're delighted to demystify the process for you, turning our focus towards the core essentials that can equip a nursery with everything you and your baby would require.

Identifying nursery essentials can prove instrumental in curating a comforting and functional environment for your newborn while imbuing it with a touch of personal style. From where your baby will sleep to where you'll change those many, many diapers, to efficient storage solutions, and comfortable seating options for feeding and cuddling - every single detail matters.

Above all, we aim to provide a realistic checklist that encapsulates just what you require for your baby’s nursery, without succumbing to the pressure or confusion of purchasing non-essential items.

We are here to hold your hand, guiding you to create not just a room, but an inviting haven brimming with comfort, warmth, and love for your precious little one.

what do you need for the nursery

Crib or bassinet

The centerpiece of the nursery, a safe and comfortable sleeping space is a must-have. Choose between a crib, a co-sleeper, a bassinet, or a combination that suits your needs. Be sure to follow safety guidelines to avoid hazards.

Firm mattress

Invest in a high-quality, firm mattress that fits snugly within the crib or bassinet. It should adhere to safety standards and be comfortable enough to promote your baby's sleep.

Crib Bedding

Purchase fitted sheets designed for your baby's sleeping space. Breathable and soft fabrics such as cotton are perfect for ensuring comfort. Avoid soft, padded elements like pillows or blankets to minimize risk factors.

Changing table and changing pad

Designate an area for diaper changes, whether it's a standalone changing table or a changing pad mounted atop a dresser. Ensure it has safety straps and raised edges to keep your baby secure.

Storage solutions

From diapers to clothing, you'll need ample storage to keep nursery essentials organized. Consider dressers, drawers, floating shelves, storage baskets, or closet organizers. Customizable solutions can help you adapt as your baby grows.

Comfortable seating

A cozy seat for feeding and cuddling time is crucial. Gliders, rocking chairs, or armchairs are popular options that offer comfort and support during lengthy feeding sessions or late-night comforting.

Diaper necessities

Stock up on diapers, wipes, diaper cream, and a diaper pail. Having these essentials on hand ensures clean diaper changes with minimal fuss.

Nursery Lighting

Layer lighting within the room to cater to varying needs. Soft, dim nightlights for middle-of-the-night feedings, a table lamp for storytime or diaper changes, and overhead fixtures for brighter illumination are all useful.

Baby monitor

Choose a reliable baby monitor with audio or video capabilities so you can keep an eye on your little one when you're not in the nursery.

Audio or visual stimulation

Mobiles and sound machines offer auditory and visual engagement for your baby. Calming music or white noise can soothe your infant, while mobiles encourage visual stimulation and development.

Thermostat or room thermometer

Maintaining a comfortable room temperature is critical for your baby’s well-being. Opt for a room thermometer or a thermostat to ensure consistent temperature control.


Who wouldn't appreciate an abundance of natural light permeating the nursery, rendering it utterly radiant? However, when it comes to ensuring optimal sleep experiences for your little one, a darker setting triumphs!
Hence, it's crucial to invest in blackout curtains. This addition to your nursery guarantees the creation of a soothing, darkened atmosphere conducive to your baby's sleep.


An invaluable addition to any nursery is a humidifier. By releasing moisture into the air, a humidifier serves to maintain optimal humidity levels, ensuring enhanced comfort and well-being for your precious little one. With balanced humidity levels, your baby's delicate skin, respiratory system, and overall health can benefit from the improved air quality of the nursery.

Safety equipment

Prioritize safety measures such as securing loose cords, covering electrical outlets, and anchoring heavy furniture. Baby-proofing the nursery helps to minimize potential hazards and create a secure environment.



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