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Being a mama is not an easy job! We make mistakes. We forget things. We have epic parenting fails. Today we are sharing some common mistakes new moms make, so you can be better prepared as you embark on this new parenting journey.

Though we make mistakes, we also try to learn from our mistakes. We also show up everyday. We make tough choices for our families. And, we deeply care and love our babies. Don't let any of the mistakes you make define you parenting journey!

common mistakes new moms make


1. Not trusting your INTUITION

Are you familiar with mother's intuition? It is the clear, unconscious sense that something is wrong (or right). So learn to trust your intuition because let's face it, you know your baby best. 

2. LETTING others put pressure on you

Also, let go of everyone else’s expectations for your behavior as a parent. You can start by getting clear about what’s important to you and your family.

3.Believing Everything You Hear

You are going to get a lot of information and advice thrown at you from people at the mall to the lady standing next to you at the grocery store. You don't have to take in all that advice, just what you find important.


Initially a lot of new moms assume that they are going to have a lot of free time to catch up on projects or tasks, while they are home on maternity leave with the baby. You'll actually spend a lot of time feeding the baby, changing diapers and trying to get some shut eye when baby is sleeping.


New moms get overwhelmed with the responsibilities of caring for baby, doing the household chores and of course trying to recover from child birth.

Make things easier for you by setting one realistic task that you want to accomplish everyday. For example, you can wash a few loads of loads on Monday and plan on writing thank you cards the next day.


It’s easy to put your marriage on the back burner when you have a baby at home. Maintaining a happy marriage during the sleep-deprived early months takes effort.  

Take time for your marriage and make an effort to plan things such as date nights, a coffee date, etc.

7.ignoring self care

As moms, we often put ourselves last, ensuring first that everyone (and everything) else is taken care of before we think about tending to our own needs. We put on a happy face and tell the world, “I’ve got this” – even when we feel like we’re failing.

For you to be the best mom you can be, you've got to take care of yourself. So while it can be tempting to use the time when your baby sleeps to catch up on work or chores, take the time to have a bath or do some Pilates.

8.not communicating clearly with your partner

Once a baby is born, many dads aren’t sure what they can do to help. Dads can feel overwhelmed, helpless and clueless as to what they can do to pitch in and help mom and baby.

Know that your partner can't read your mind and he doesn’t know what you need. Be clear how he can help you. Perhaps, dad can make dinner, watch the baby so you can take a long bath or bottle feed the baby.


It honestly takes a village to raise a child. You friends and family will ask if you need anything. Don’t be afraid to speak up and ask for help while you care for your newborn's basic needs. 

Perhaps you can ask a friend to help with grocery shopping or watch the baby for a few hours to let you get some uninterrupted sleep.

10.worrying too much

New moms worry about the health and safety of their newborn babies. You might worry that your baby will stop breathing in the night. Or that the baby is not eating enough. As a new mom, you are constantly on the look-out for any possible danger.

First, understand that these thoughts are normal and not an indictment of who you are as a parent. Acknowledge the existence of these worries, understand they are a normal part of new parenthood, and then keep going with your day.

11.comparing your baby with other babies

Babies develop at their own pace and will reach milestones in their own time. Stop putting unnecessary pressure on yourself if the baby has not accomplished a milestone. Bring it up with your doctor if it continues to be of concern.

12.Spending Too Much

With a new baby who takes most of your time, it's easy to assume babies need a lot more than they actually need. Babies really don't need a ton of toys or clothes to make them happy and healthy!

13.not preserving memories

The first few days of a new baby are very special. But soon after giving birth and most likely sleep deprived, your memory quickly becomes foggy.

Photographs will help you remember what you felt like at that time, especially if you are in the picture too. So take lots of photos, make videos and document this most special time in your life. 


Your diaper bag is going to become your home away from home. Having a well stocked diaper bag is essential when you are going out and about with your little one.

15.Thinking you will get anywhere on time

Life with a  newborn baby doesn't always go according to plan. With the endless to-do list before you head out with the baby, getting anywhere on time can be a challenge. So don't have mom guilt. It happens to the best of us.

16. not offering the baby a pacifier

Some moms have mom guilt about giving the baby a pacifier. Remember that parents have relied on pacifiers for ages to calm crying infants. Pacifiers can help babies learn to control their feelings, relax them, and make them feel secure!


It can be a daunting task for new moms to go out. It’s a whole new world out there - between the pacifiers and blowouts. But it is essential for your well being that you make an effort to go out whether it's for a walk, the park or even the mall.


You don't need to welcome visitors during your first weeks home with the baby. It's certainly not rude for you to let family and friends know that you need a few more weeks to recover and focus on your little family.


Don't forget to plan for meals once you come home from the hospital. Sure, you can use the freezer meals you pre-made, but  plan for what happens once the freezer is empty So sign up for a meal delivery service for a month or even longer.

common mistakes new moms make
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