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When you have a baby, your life will change from what you are used to. It will be a special time for sure. But you will also be tired most of the time. Use this awesome list of 36 Things to do before baby is born and get organized. You'll be prepared for baby's birth and for the days and weeks after baby is born.

36 things to do before baby is born

1. Start a pregnancy journal

Start a pregnancy journal to document your pregnancy milestones and the journey! 

2.Create a baby registry

Start a baby registry. We love the flexibility of an Amazon Baby Registry. The prices are great with a huge variety of products. Also, use Amazon Prime to get your diapers, wipes and diaper pail refills, delivered straight to your home. You can try a FREE Amazon Prime 30-DAY Trial here.

3.Design the nursery

This is probably the most exciting part as you wait for the baby's arrival. Plan and design your baby's nursery. We have great resources on this website from our Nursery Style Quiz to Nursery Designs and Design Ideas

4. Plan a baby-moon

Plan and go on a relaxing, romantic vacation before the baby is born.

5. Research/ Register for Childcare

If you plan on going back to work after the baby is born, then start researching your child care options. Most often, infant child care centers have a wait-list, so get this process started right away!

6. Take a birthing class

Birthing classes are offered by your local community hospital so register for a class. You'll learn about the birthing process, caring for the baby and so much more.

7. Tour the maternity ward

If you are a first time mom, you might feel anxious as you think about the birth. Touring the maternity ward and visiting with the wonderful maternity nurses will alleviate most of your jitters.

8. Create a birthing plan

A birthing plan can help guide how your labor goes. So start your plan detailing your wishes and goals, during and after labor and delivery.

9. Pre-register at the hospital

Pre-register and share your insurance information, emergency contacts, etc  with the hospital ahead of your due date.

10. Have a maternity photo-shoot

11. Book a newborn photo-shoot

12. Buy nursing bras, tanks, etc

13. Manage the baby registry

14. Enjoy your quiet time

You will not get much time to yourself once the baby is born. So enjoy your quiet time!

15. Schedule a few date nights

The first few weeks or months with a new baby can be all consuming. So plan a couple of special date nights and focus on each other while you can.

16. De-clutter your home

17. Organize your home

18. Deep clean your home

Get your home de-cluttered, organized and deep cleaned before the baby is born. Running an organized and clean household  will be much easier with a baby than one that is disorganized.

19. Wash baby's clothes

20. Organize baby's closet & dresser

21. Stock up on freezer meals

Seriously, you must promise to do this unless you have your mom staying with you for an extended period after the baby is born. You won't have much time to spend in the kitchen, so make as many meals as you can and freeze. 

22. Stock up your pantry

Just know that if you are breastfeeding, you will be hungry all the time. So stock up!

23. set up a diapering station 

24. Pack your hospital bag

You can never tell exactly when you are going into labor. So start packing your bag when you are 32 weeks or so. Here's an article on what to pack in the hospital bag and a FREE printable.

25. Install the baby car seat

Once you install your baby car seat, have it checked to see if it was probably installed. A certified inspector will inspect it for you free of charge. Schedule an appointment here.

26. Set up the bassinet/swing

27. Send out thank you notes

28. Waterproof your bed

You don't want your water to break while sleeping and stain your mattress. 

29. Get a manicure and pedicure

30. Schedule help from mom/familY

Please ask your parents or in-laws to come and stay for a few weeks after the baby is born. If you are a first time parent not only will those extra hands help, but you can learn a lot about caring for the baby.

31. Purchase items left in registry

32. Interview & choose a pediatrician

Once the baby is delivered, the pediatrician you've chosen will visit the baby and do a full checkup. So start interviewing pediatricians and choose a doctor who you think will work best for your family. Here's an article detailing the questions you should ask the pediatrician.

33. Prepare a postpartum care kit

34. Get together the breastfeeding essentials

35. Download baby tracker apps

Once the baby is born, you'll have a lot of things to remember and do. So download a favorite baby tracker apps to track baby's patterns. We love EAT SLEEP, a simple app to track baby's feedings, naps and diaper changes. You'll need that information for the pediatrician to review during well visits.

36. Get the laundry done

There you have it! The top 36 things to do before baby arrives. You'll be better prepared for delivery and caring for the baby with this list. 


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