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Oh, with spring in the air, isn't it only fitting your little one's nursery catches the vibe, too? Let's infuse that baby's room with a breath of fresh air with Spring inspired nursery designs that’ll make your heart bloom as vibrantly as those tulips popping up around town.

It’s the perfect time to play with charming spring hues and vibrant accents, transforming that precious space into a sun-drenched haven! From the whispers of pastels hinting at tender blossoms, to a feature wall that sings of spring mornings, you'll have your baby cooing in delight amidst their stylish surroundings.

Coming up next? An enchanting showcase of magnificent Spring inspired nursery designs, each one narrating a unique, enchanting spring tale that embraces color, freshness, and all things blooming. 

Vintage Blossoms

Create a spring nursery that’s a love letter to vintage blossoms - a space that's as beautiful as it is practical, blending the old-world charm of a flourishing English garden with the chic simplicity modern life demands.


Pastel Paradise

Start with a canvas of soft pastels. These hues whisper spring and instantly brighten any space with their light, airy vibes.

BRETT'S NURSERY | spring inspired nursery

Botanical Bonanza

Bring the lush, vibrant vibes of a botanical garden right into the nursery! We're going full-on 'Botanical Bonanza' this spring and it's not just about scattering a few leaves around and calling it a day. We're cultivating a nursery that's brimming with life, full of growth and wonder, and functional to boot.

alice's nursery : top nursery wallpaper trends 2024

Baby’s Secret Garden

Intricate trellises, rose prints, and soft green touches... every peek is a delight in this spring inspired nursery!


Woodland theme

If you're dreaming of a nursery that marries the enchantment of spring with a touch of storybook charm, how about a woodland theme? Utter perfection.


Meadow Frolic

Those splashes of color, the fresh air, the feeling of pure joy wrapping around you as you waltz through nature. Now, imagine bottling up all that enchantment and pouring it into creating the most whimsical ‘Meadow Frolic’ spring nursery. Yes, it’s all about bringing the outside in, and making it utterly stylish and soothing for both you and your little one.


Easter Aesthetic

Design a nursery that sparkles with the joy and freshness of spring, weaving functionality into an airy, Easter-inspired aesthetic. It can be adorable bunny silhouettes, delicate eggs, or sweet spring flowers.


Wildflower Wonderland

A  nursery that feels like a gentle embrace from a sprawling meadow at the first sign of spring – we're talking a wildflowers theme. It's fresh, it's lively, and oh-so-soothing – perfect for encouraging sweet dreams and brighter mornings.

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Butterfly Conservatory

Fancy floating into a nursery that feels like stepping into the heart of a blooming spring garden, fluttering with graceful butterflies? Yep, we're talking about a dreamy, Butterfly-themed Spring Nursery. It's an ode to the effortless elegance of butterflies, creating a sanctuary that's as chic as it is whimsical.


April Showers

Imagine stepping into a nursery that’s like the first breath of spring after a gentle April shower—pure magic, right? That’s exactly the vibe we’re going for with a cloud-themed "April Showers" nursery. It’s all about blending the serenity of softly drifting clouds with the fresh promise of spring rain, creating a space that’s as soothing as it is enchanting.


Enchanted Picnic

It's whimsy meets sophistication, with a sprinkling of childhood nostalgia. Imagine stepping into a nursery where every detail is a nod to those lazy, hazy, carefree days of picnics in the park, surrounded by new blooms and the buzz of life reawakening.


Whimsical Bunny 

A nursery that hops right out of a storybook into your heart, blending whimsy and elegance with the lightest touch. We're dreaming up a Whimsical Bunny-themed spring nursery that feels like a gentle hug and sparks joy at every turn. And yes, it's as adorable as it sounds, but with a chic twist that’s oh-so-you.

Elsie's nursery

Rainbow Radiance

Create a slice of heaven with a Rainbow Radiance nursery theme that's as joyous as the first sunny day after a spring shower.


Daisy Delight

Say hello to spring with a daisy themed nursery - it’s about wrapping your little one in a universe of freshness, growth, and joy that a daisy symbolizes.

Garden Tea Party

Delicate florals and decor, where sophistication meets sweetness in this Spring themed nursery.

ella's nursery

Golden Hour

A baby nursery that captures the warmth and glow of the day's most magical moment.


Sprout and Sparrow

Sprinkle a little magic into your life with a nursery theme that's going to have you absolutely twitterpated! A "Sprout and Sparrow",  spring inspired nursery  – where the jubilant chirps of the earliest spring birds meet the vibrant, hopeful greens of new sprouts. It's a theme that's as refreshing as a brisk morning walk in the lush countryside, yet snug enough for urban dwellings.

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