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Is there any moment that sings 'new chapter' quite like Easter? With its air of festivity and the promise of new beginnings, it's the quintessential time to share your own bundle of news. Now, picture this: a quaint Easter Egg Hunt, a tapestry of darling little clues tucked away, all under the blanket of gorgeous spring weather at a location that just takes your breath away. This, is the recipe for the most perfect baby announcements.

Prepare to be inspired, because we've gathered a dozen plus one — that’s 13, for the numerically unbothered — absolutely extraordinary Easter baby announcement ideas. They're clever, they're adorable, they're "egg-cellent" in every way, and they're coming your way!

So grab your wicker basket, we're going on a hunt for the chicest announcement inspirations this side of spring.


Egg-citing Egg Reveal

Paint “We’re Egg-specting!” on a giant egg or even a series of smaller eggs, each revealing a letter. Not only is it punny, but it’s also insta-worthy in every way.

adorable easter baby announcement ideas

Nestled Surprise

Craft a cozy little nest with real or artificial twigs and moss and place a small egg in the center with the announcement date written on it or ultrasound photo. It’s all in the details.

adorable easter baby announcement ideas

Golden Egg Announcement 

Hide the baby news in a golden egg among other regular eggs for an egg hunt. The finders of the golden egg get the golden news!

adorable easter baby announcement ideas

Bunny Onesie Reveal 

Who can resist the charm of a tiny bunny onesie laid out with a note, “Hopping into our hearts this [due date]” or just a print? It’s a photo-op waiting to happen.

adorable easter baby announcement ideas (5)

Easter Pregnancy Announcement Card

It’s chic, it’s unexpected, and darling, it’s the epitome of how we love to share life’s most beautiful moments. This Easter, let’s enchant our loved ones with a touch of whimsy, a burst of spring, and the joyous news that’s making your heart sing. Because if there's one thing we adore more than impeccable taste, it’s the joy of sharing life’s biggest moments in the most charming ways imaginable. 

adorable easter baby announcement ideas (13)

Soon to be Mom and Dad

Take a family photo where you and your significant other, looking fabulously radiant, armed with an array of tastefully selected Easter props. Just envision the joyous scene you'll create as you announce your precious news in a way that exudes charm, love, and that dash of whimsy we all adore about Easter!

adorable easter baby announcement ideas (12)

Digital Easter Pregnancy Announcement

Oh, you're going to love this – why not go digital for your Easter baby announcement? It’s like merging the charm of tradition with the sleek edge of modernity, and who doesn't adore that juxtaposition? The beauty of going digital is not just in its aesthetic appeal but in its blend of convenience and creativity. You’re sending out a piece of personalized art that your loved ones can receive and revel in, no matter where they are. 

adorable easter baby announcement ideas

Sibling Easter Pregnancy Announcement

Lay out those handwritten signs, set up that delightful Easter ambiance, and capture the moment when your kiddos tell the world they're ready for their promotion. It's a coup of cuteness, a dash of sophistication, and a bucket-load of heart, all styled as only you can.

adorable easter baby announcement ideas

“Eggspecting” tee

Slip into this “Eggspecting” tee and let your inner light shine through. It’s a chic, joyous way to announce your pregnancy this Easter, mixing a dash of playfulness with heaps of style. After all, memorable moments like these are to be celebrated, shared, and styled to perfection. 

adorable easter baby announcement

Soon to hatch

Add a sprinkle of Easter charm to your special news with an announcement that's cleverly wrapped inside an egg. But not just any egg – think a stylish, artistically designed egg that whispers "Hatching Soon" or elegantly proclaims the "Due Date" in a font that would make any typographer swoon.

adorable easter baby announcement ideas

Fur Baby Easter Pregnancy Announcement

Your fur baby, that precious, lovable ball of fluff, taking center stage in the most adorable Easter baby announcement. It's like blending two heartwarming announcements into one! Picture your cuddly companion donning a pair of fuzzy bunny ears or nestling beside a charming basket filled with Easter eggs, each one delicately painted with a letter that spells out the sweetest message!

adorable easter baby announcement ideas

Christian Pregnancy Announcement

Weave the timeless beauty of Easter and the deep, resonant chords of Christian faith into the tapestry of announcing your upcoming bundle of joy. Think of it as creating a symphony of symbols, where each note is a token of faith, hope, and the sweetest of news.

adorable easter baby announcement ideas (10)

Peekaboo Egg 

Craft an egg that opens to reveal a tiny baby figurine, snapshot of your ultrasound or a note. It’s a literal interpretation of your little one on the way.

adorable easter baby announcement ideas
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