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If you've been on the hunt for the perfect nursery blackout curtains to elegantly dress your baby's nursery windows you're absolutely in the right place! Ahead- we are rounding up the best nursery blackout curtains for 2024. Picture these curtains as the secret ingredient to elevate your nursery design from lovely to absolutely irresistible. Trust us, these are more than just pretty drapery, they serve up a slice of that much-needed tranquility.

Indeed, these blackout curtains play a stellar role in fashioning a serene sleeping environment. So, whether it's nap time or bedtime, these curtains add that 'sleepy feel' in the air, cueing your little one for some well-deserved Zzz’s.

Thinking about aesthetics? Oh, these nursery blackout curtains are a window's dream outfit! Their stylish design radiates glamour. But wait, they also double as privacy protectors. Truly, a stellar combination of fashion and function!

But here comes the clincher. Blackout curtains are not your regular cover-ups. These are expertly crafted from thick, luxurious materials, specially woven with darker fibers that skillfully block a majority of the incoming light. Perfect for those blazing summer afternoons and the cool winter mornings. Plus, they're a sound barrier against any noise that dares to disturb your little one's  sleep.

In essence, blackout curtains are a nifty way to create a 'sleep sanctuary' – a calm, cool, dark, and utterly comfy sleeping ambience.

So, let's explore the best nursery blackout curtains of 2024, promising to turn those nursery dreams into reality!




Darkness : These curtains must do what they say on the tin - block out light. Look for ones with a high darkness quotient. The darker, the better for those peaceful, uninterrupted nap times and quiet, cozy bedtimes.

Design Drama : Why sacrifice style for utility? Who says you can't have both? You should be head over heels for your curtains. Consider the color, patterns, and texture that enhance your nursery aesthetics while ensuring functionality. Remember, these curtains are as much a part of your interior statement as they are sleep facilitators.

Quality : Opt for curtains crafted from quality materials that can stand up to sunlight without fading and effectively protect your baby’s room from harsh light and pesky noise. A tall order, we know - but absolutely worth investing in.

Energy Efficient: A chic little feature to consider, is opting for energy-efficient curtains. These darlings insulate your nursery against the cold in winter and keep the heat at bay in summer, creating the perfect sleeping ambiance and saving on energy bills. What a win!

Size Matters: The panel sizes need to appropriately cover the window. Too small, and you get peeps of glaring light; too large, and there could be unattractive bunching. Let's keep it stylishly snug with the right size. Measure twice, order once!

Ease of Use: Let's be practical, you’d want curtains that are easy to install and manage. Look for ones that glide smoothly on the rod, so you can operate them even with one hand while you're holding your little one.

Wash and Wear: Babies are synonymous with unavoidable messes. Hence, opt for curtains that are simple to remove, machine washable, and retain their look post numerous wash cycles. After all, who wants drab, dull curtains sullying their nursery aesthetics?


Here's a little insider tip: The Evelyn Linen Blend Bow Valance Blackout Curtain has secured a top spot in our nursery design favorites. When we are designing a dream nursery for our clients, we often find ourselves turning to these impressive curtains. Take a look at Eliana's nursery, showcasing how beautifully these blackout curtains transform the space.

What makes these curtains so special? It's the genius marriage of dense backing with designer fabrics, setting a whole new benchmark for smart window designs. With the belt-loop tab top feature, hang them in three chic ways - loops, rings, or stylish pole pockets.

And it doesn't stop there. These curtains flaunt a fresh, cool linen weave, while cotton gives them a soft finish, a blend that offers durability and ultra breathability – a treat, indeed!

A blackout lining of 100% polyester defines functionality at its best. It blocks out light to bathe the room in a soothing twilight, be it bedtime, naptime, or morning time - ensuring a peaceful sleep and more restful naps for your little one. A bonus– it also substantially reduces sound. So, no more worrying about outside noise interrupting your baby’s precious sleep! These curtains are the silent sentinel your nursery needs.



Let's take a moment to gush over the fabulous European Flax™-Certified Linen Natural Blackout Window Curtains that have completely stolen our hearts. A peek into Camila's darling nursery, where these curtains take center stage, and you'll see exactly what all the fuss is about.

Aren't they simply dreamy? These beauties single-handedly elevate the nursery's look, adding that oh-so-essential dash of chic sophistication. Who could resist that charm?

Crafted from neutral linen, these curtains owe their exquisite finesse to natural flax cultivated in the rich soils of Europe. The perfect marriage of fashion with functionality, these curtains have a lustrous opaque lining that masterfully blocks light, creating a serene mood in the room.

The detailing – oh, the detailing! The clean hem on the seams gives them a refined, tailored finish that's just a delight to behold. Hang these stunners using back tabs, rod pockets, or drapery hooks, and watch them cascade down your nursery windows beautifully.

And get this – the lining is 100% polyester. Talk about durability meeting desirability!

So, if you're designing a cozy nursery for your precious bundle of joy, these European Flax™ Blackout Curtains deserve a place on your dream nursery checklist! 



These Birglinde Blackout Curtains are about to become your new obsession. Gracing multiple nurseries we've styled, these gems are a favorite. They're a one-stop-shop for adding layers of texture, chic, and warmth to any space.

Take a look at Samantha's nursery pictured below. See those fabulously chic curtains? Yep, those are our beloved Birglindes, dazzling against the understated neutral nursery palette. Pretty swanky, no?

Just when you think it's all about style, these savvy curtains surprise you with their functionality. Engineered to block out a whooping 100% of glaring sunlight, UV rays and heat – precisely what's needed to for baby's sleep. 

They're a visual treat too. Crafted from a tempting textured linen-style material, these blackout drapes exude an effortlessly stylish persona that's hard to resist. And check this out - a versatile duo of hanging options - a rod pocket or clip-ring design.

Putting the cherry on top, each panel marries style and comfort with its temperature control lining. This clever addition helps stabilize room temperature, insulating against scorching summer heat waves and chilly winter drafts.

So, why wait? Jazz up your nursery with these fabulous Birglinde Blackout Curtains that strike the perfect balance between style, warmth, and functionality.



If you haven't seen our Nursery Lookbook yet, let us tell you, it's a visual banquet featuring hundreds of meticulously curated nursery designs. And there's one curtain that you'll notice popping up more often than not - the regal Belgian Linen Ruffle Blackout Curtain.

Just look at the picture below of the adorable Brooklyn nursery graced by these blackout curtains. Isn't it making quite the statement? We're totally smitten, and we think you will be too!

These curtains offer both form and function in a gorgeously fluffy package! The Belgian Linen Ruffle Blackout Curtain weaves a sensible decor story – knitted from Belgian flax, tastefully tailoring, detail-rich ruffles for a touch of the classic charm we all love.

And the best part? A meticulously crafted 100% polyester blackout lining ensures that your little bundle gets much-needed rest, whether it's nighttime slumbers or those midday napping sprees. The curtain speaks volumes of quality, being 100% linen.

One more fabulous aspect is its 3-in-1 construction, gifting you three chic hanging choices: style it with a pole pocket, reverse belt loops, or go for hooks. This curtain, truly fights for its place in your nursery, and oh boy, it's worth it!



Make way for the next star on our list of best nursery blackout curtains for 2024 - the delightful Tufted Dot Blackout Curtain. Its whimsical charm and practicality have our design hearts aflutter!

Have you had a chance to take a peek at Beatrice's swoon-worthy, Barbie-inspired nursery design? Pictured below, it's an adorable vision of pink that shows off these curtains in all their glory!

The playful, bubbly dots on these curtains don't just dress up the windows - they are the life of the party, adding a fun focal point that breathes life into the room. This is the sort of fun, spirited touch that catches the eye and sets the scene for a child's imagination to take flight.

And, these captivating curtains aren't just all about the looks. The Tufted Dot Blackout Curtain Panel cleverly combines style with hush-time-helpers. A carefully constructed lining works its magic filtering out light and sound, for those dreamy, restful nights for your little one.

These 100% cotton curtains are luxury and comfort rolled into one. Lined with a 100% polyester blackout lining, they darken the room to create that perfect nighttime ambiance. A pole pocket and loop offer chic and practical hanging options.

So, if it's lively cheer and practicality that you're after, you've got the perfect match in these Tufted Dot Blackout Curtains. Imagination, function, and stylish design - all in one fabulous package!



Allow us to present - the Signature Blackout Velvet Curtains. These exquisite window dressings are some of the best nursery blackout curtains, and rightly so.

Just one glance at Sebastian nursery design featured below, where these curtains play a starring role, and you'll understand our adoration for them. There's an undeniable aura of elegance, sophistication, and panache they bring that's just too enchanting to ignore.

In the case of Sebastian's nursery, we went for the captivating hunter green shade - a bold choice that positively sizzles against the other shades' more muted tones in the backdrop. But that's not all, - these curtains come in a jaw-dropping array of vibrant and eye-catching shades. It's like a fashion runway for your nursery windows!

Its ingenious header design allows for three chic hanging options to suit your fancy - sheering it on a rod using the pocket, hanging with back tabs, or attaching to rings using the belt and drapery pins.

The icing on the cake - each curtain panel is flawlessly lined to provide that perfect blackout effect, going as far as blocking 100% of the light. Now, that's a recipe for gorgeous looks and perfect functionality garnished with some much-deserved rest for your little prince or princess!



Sashaying into our top pick list of nursery blackout curtains for 2024, are these stunningly beautiful Lazzzy Blackout Velvet Curtains. Slide your eyes down to the precious picture below featuring Patrick's nursery, and voila! The star making the decor pop is none other than these gorgeous curtains.

It's uncanny how they effortlessly infuse a rich and effortlessly stylish vibe into the room. We chose the soft, inviting light gray hue that harmonizes seamlessly with the gentle blues and touches of black scattered throughout the nursery.

But, hang on! If gray isn't your cup of tea, don't fret! They are available in six other mesmerizing shades, too.

Luxury and function saunter hand in hand with these elegant blackout velvet panels, as they expertly cut out around 75% of sunlight streaming in. Perfect for those midday snoozes and bedtime dreams.

And let's not forget – these thermal insulated curtains act like the champion guard, keeping the pesky drafts and unwanted sunlight at bay. Need efficient climate control in your adorable nursery? These curtains have got your back!

So go ahead, turn that nursery into a cozy cocoon of comfort and style with these Lazzzy Blackout Velvet Curtains. Because your baby's personal haven deserves nothing but the best!



Without a doubt, another star on our list of best blackout curtains for your little one's nursery is the dreamy Polyester Linen Blackout Curtains with the elegant Pinch Pleat and Back Tab Top.

Take a visual tour of Sidney's nursery shown below, where these stunning curtains take center stage. For Sidney's nursery, we dressed the windows in a graceful ivory shade, a choice that shines beautifully against the rich, tantalizing brown hue - and lightwood nursery furnishings.

But don't just stop at ivory! These curtains come in a spectrum of stunning color options to suit your nursery design.

Crafted with the elegance of polyester linen fabric and a white thermal blackout lining, these drapes know the art of balancing beauty and function. They have been designed to expertly block out 100% of light, offering your baby uninhibited, peaceful slumber.

Furthermore, these heavyweight champions work diligently to thermally insulate your nursery, balancing room temperature and keeping those disruptive external noises at bay.

So, let your nursery bask in the combined splendour of elegance, comfort, and tranquility offered by these Polyester Linen Blackout Curtains. Here's to sweet dreams and beautiful mornings!



Bringing up the final spot on our list of top nursery blackout curtains for 2024, but by no means the least, are the absolutely stunning Belgian Flax Linen Blackout Curtains. They're a true treasure in our decorating arsenal and a go-to for creating swoon-worthy nurseries.

Take a peep at Grant's outdoors-inspired nursery below, where these curtains play a stellar part. We've draped the room in the rich, dark flax shade, which works like a charm against the comfy-cozy Greige Buffalo Check Wallpaper and the lush beige rug. But, there's a whole color palette these curtains come in, enabling you to unlock countless décor opportunities.

Skillfully woven from the best linen ever - oh yes, the coveted 100% Belgian flax - these curtains are a love letter to casual luxury. They're the quintessential lightweight champions that transform a room from mundane to marvelous.

But it's not just a pretty face. There's practicality galore here! Crafted from 100% polyester, the curtain's blackout liner artfully keeps out most light seeping through your windows, ensuring your room is deliciously dark and utterly cozy.

Plus, the versatility of their 3-in-1 construction offers three chic hanging options: rod pocket, back tabs, or ring top. Style and pragmatism in one fabulous package!

In a nutshell, these Belgian flax linen blackout curtains are what nursery dreams are woven from. So, go on and elevate your space elegantly and effervescently! 



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