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IKEA, the Swedish powerhouse known for producing stylish and affordable furniture, has become a go-to solution for parents around the globe. Ahead, we'll explore the 11 best IKEA nursery items that 2023 has to offer, designed to help you create the perfect space for your little one.

Creating a comforting and secure nursery is a fine blend of multiple factors: safety, functionality, and design aesthetics. IKEA’s comprehensive range of nursery essentials addresses these facets, offering options ranging from cribs, changing stations, storage solutions, to delightful decorative accents.

Every product is thoughtfully designed with a focus on durability, ease-of-use, and visual appeal, ensuring parents can effortlessly build a personalized space promoting their baby’s growth and development.

Our specially curated list of the 10 best IKEA nursery items in 2023 presents a wide selection of products to accommodate various tastes and budgets. Below, discover indispensable nursery necessities that combine elegance, practicality, and affordability, helping you create a dream nursery that you and your baby will love.

Our specially curated list of the 11 best IKEA nursery items in 2023 presents a wide selection of products to accommodate various tastes and budgets.




The IKEA GULLIVER Crib is an affordable, versatile, and stylish choice for your baby's nursery. Designed with safety as a priority, it features an adjustable mattress height that can be lowered as your baby grows and develops. The crib's simple, clean lines and solid wood construction make it a timeless piece that seamlessly blends into any nursery decor.

2. KOPPANG 6-drawer dresser

The IKEA KOPPANG 6-drawer dresser is a practical and appealing addition to any nursery. With six spacious drawers, it provides ample room to organize and store all baby essentials, from clothing and bedding to toys and diapers. Its sleek, simple design effortlessly blends with various nursery decors while its size and height ensure that it can also serve as a convenient changing station.

3. EKET Cabinet with 4 compartments

The IKEA EKET Cabinet with 4 compartments is an excellent choice for parents looking to embrace a Montessori approach in their nursery. Its open shelves encourage independence by allowing the child to choose their own outfits, promoting decision-making skills from an early age. The cabinet's low height and clear organization also foster greater accessibility, enabling easy interaction for your child with their clothing and belongings.

4. RASKOG Utility Cart

The IKEA RASKOG Utility Cart is an incredibly versatile addition to any nursery, offering easily accessible storage on wheels. With its multi-tiered design, it can hold a variety of baby essentials from diapers and wipes for quick changes to toys and books for playtime. Its ability to move smoothly from room to room also makes it perfect for keeping everything you need for your baby within arm's reach, no matter where you are in your home.

5. GRINSBOL Mirror

The IKEA GRÖNSBOL Mirror offers a stylish and functional addition to your nursery decor. Its clean, simple lines and large mirror surface can make the nursery feel more spacious.

6. ESSEBODA Bench with storage

The IKEA ESSEBODA Bench with storage delivers a chic, multifunctional seating solution for the nursery. With its ample storage space beneath the seat, it provides a perfect spot to stow away toys, blankets, or other essentials, making it as practical as it is attractive.

7. SINNERLIG Pendant lamp

The IKEA SINNERLIG Pendant Lamp, with its handwoven bamboo design, adds warmth and a touch of nature-inspired charm to your nursery. Its soft, ambient light creates a soothing atmosphere, perfectly suited for restful moments with your little one.

8. SNIDAD Basket

The IKEA SNIDAD Basket combines practical storage with natural, rustic aesthetics. Handwoven from rattan, it's perfect for holding toys, blankets, or laundry while subtly enhancing any room with its delightful, organic texture.

9. BJÖRKSNÄS Nightstand

The IKEA BJÖRKSNÄS Nightstand, with its natural wood finish and clean lines, offers a charming and functionality-focused choice as a side table for the nursery. The open shelf and drawer provide easily accessible storage for baby essentials, while the tabletop can serve as a space for a night lamp or baby monitor.

10. TROFAST Storage combination with boxes

The IKEA TROFAST Storage combination with boxes is a versatile storage solution for the nursery, helping you keep the space both organized and stylish. With its robust structure and brightly colored, easy-to-slide boxes, it's perfect for storing toys, books, and other essentials, while allowing your little one to easily access and put away their things.

11. BEKVÄM Spice rack

The IKEA BEKVÄM Spice Rack, though designed for the kitchen, can serve as an innovative, space-saving bookshelf in the nursery. Easy to mount on the wall, its compact, wooden design adds a quaint charm while providing an accessible spot for your little one's favorite storybooks.

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