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What better way to ignite a lifetime of wanderlust and curiosity in your budding adventurer than with a travel-themed nursery?

Inspired by the magic of journeying across the globe, a travel-themed nursery is a gateway to adventures yet to come, stories awaiting discovery, and a celebration of the multitude of cultures, landscapes, and wonders this beautiful planet has to offer. Ahead- we'll share our expert tips to create a travel-themed nursery in your home.

Creating such a space is not just about decorations and paint colors - it's about crafting a space that nurtures imagination, cultivates dreams, and invites your tiny explorer on a daily voyage of discovery. Travel isn't simply about moving from one place to another, it's about broadening horizons, fostering an adaptable spirit, and learning to relish diversity- all invaluable life lessons for your little one's journey.

Ready for take-off? Buckle up, as we embark on a creative adventure through time zones, continents, and design elements to create a travel-themed nursery that encapsulates the thrill of exploration, the promise of adventure, and the joy of coming home.



Welcome to a wanderlust's dream nursery. The most striking feature is undoubtedly the impressive large world map mural backdrop, intricately detailed and visually rich in color. Adding to this rich aesthetic is a vintage truck, showcasing an authentic appreciation for yesteryears and serving as a wonderful, whimsical storage solution.

Of course, a travel themed room wouldn't be complete without cherished travel memorabilia. Trinkets, souvenirs, and photographs from global excursions offer more than decoration; they're stories, glimpses of adventures yet for the little one to embark upon. Finally, an "explorer" nursery banner is a sweet declaration of the room's intent and a promise of the thrilling adventures that the future holds.

travel-themed nursery

We love this gorgeous travel-inspired nursery, which, yet again, features a grand oversized world map backdrop. Accompanied by minimalist furnishings and understated decor, the map unquestionably becomes the showstopper of the room.


Taking a wonderfully whimsical approach, this travel and adventure-inspired nursery sets itself apart. The wallpaper gives off a charmingly quirky vibe, adorned with intricately designed airplanes, globes, compasses, and more, sure to captivate curiosity and instill a sense of exploration in the little one. The nursery balances this playful motif with chic, modern appointments such as an acrylic crib, a pleasingly tactile boucle rocking chair that spells both style and comfort, and tasteful gold accent pieces that tie the room together with a refined touch.


Consider this delightful travel-inspired nursery, perfect for future aviators, with its focus on an airplane motif. The walls showcase tastefully chosen nursery art featuring planes, each piece capturing a unique sense of flight and freedom. Adding an encouraging touch, an adventure-inspired quote is elegantly situated above the nursery dresser, turning it into a prominent, artful feature. However, the key attraction here is the stunning biplane model hanging near the crib, sparking imagination and subtly underscored the theme of wanderlust and adventure, making this space truly a charming haven for a little explorer.


Check out this thoroughly modern take on a travel-themed nursery that seamlessly blends style and comfort. Dominating one wall, the large world map mural forms a striking centerpiece, setting the tone for the worldly adventure the room represents. The light wood furniture, exuding contemporary chic, flawlessly complements the checkered nursery rug, cozying up the space with its unique design.

Nestled amidst these features, a snug boucle nursery chair offers a plush retreat for storytelling and lullabies. What enhances this space's allure is the color palette - a clean sweep of whites, paired with light blues, punctuated by pops of mustard, lending the nursery an unexpected yet utterly refreshing visual appeal.


Welcome to this charming travel-themed nursery, equipped with a vintage world map backdrop that transports you back in time, adding a dash of old-world allure. The room boasts an array of diverse textures and prints that enriches the space, lending it a distinct, layered appearance imbued with warmth.

Above the dresser is an intriguing line-up of art pieces, each featuring iconic cities. The nursery's dark wood furniture, with its timeless elegance, along with the brass dome pendant, contribute to the old world charm.

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