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We frequently encounter future parents who often ask us, "Should I put wallpaper in the nursery?" Today, we're here to dispel any hesitation and respond with a resounding - Absolutely! Ahead-we'll share why wallpaper makes an excellent choice for your nursery, and our top picks for the best wallpaper for nursery rooms.

The magic of wallpaper in a nursery is undeniable. It's not just a backdrop, but the heart of the room's aesthetics, transforming an ordinary room into a joyous space brimming with inspiration, love, dreamy imagery, and warmth. Its impact is felt, noticed, and most importantly, cherished.

the best wallpaper for nursery rooms

Below, everything you'll need to know to pick the best wallpaper for nursery walls!

Why Adding Wallpaper to Your Nursery is a Brilliant Idea

best wallpaper for nursery rooms
best wallpaper for nursery rooms
best wallpaper for nursery rooms

Instant Room Transformation

Wallpaper possesses an unmatched ability to instantly alter the ambiance of a room. Whether you want a peaceful sky with fluffy clouds, an enchanted woodland forest, or a bright world map for your budding explorer, you can create it all with wallpaper. In a nursery, the right wallpaper can become the room's highlight, creating a magical, immersive world for your baby.

Broad Range of Designs and Themes

Wallpapers offer a wide array of designs, patterns, and colors, making it easier to customize the room according to your envisioned nursery theme. Whether your preference is something minimalistic, bold and vibrant, educational, or whimsically themed, there is a wallpaper to cater to every unique interior design aesthetic.

Quick and Easy Makeover

Busy schedule? No problem! Wallpapers are an easy and quick solution for giving your nursery a completely new look. Simply pick a design, adhere it to your wall, and voilà! You have a brand new room.

Durability and Longevity

Quality wallpapers are durable and easy to clean, making them a practical choice for rooms that will see lots of wear and tear (hello, growing babies!). As your child grows, so do their interests, and a good wallpaper will last through the years.

Aesthetically Appealing

Beautifully designed wallpapers add immense aesthetic value to a nursery. They provide texture, dimension, and in-depth visual interest, nurturing your baby’s developing senses.

Easy to Update

When it's time to update the nursery to a toddler room, you can effortlessly change the wallpaper to match your child's evolving tastes. You can transform your nursery from a whimsical wonderland to a more age-appropriate adventurer's paradise with a simple switch of wallpaper.


1. Whimsical Woodland

Perfect for nature-loving families, this wallpaper brings the great outdoors into the nursery. Woodland wallpaper envelops the room in a charming panorama of towering trees, dainty forest critters, and overarching foliage. The intricate detailing and enticing woodland scenes can stimulate your baby's imagination, sparking a sense of wonder while fostering a love for the environment.


2. Soft Brush Strokes

Abstract brush strokes in muted hues create a soothing, modern environment for your little one. Moreover, the blend of soft tones and organic shapes impart a sense of calm and warmth to the space. This modern, aesthetically pleasing wallpaper style allows for versatile decor options, easily harmonizing with various nursery themes while exuding an air of sophistication. As your baby grows, the abstract brush strokes wallpaper will effortlessly transition with them, maintaining a refined and comforting ambiance throughout their journey.



Plaid, the timeless pattern synonymous with sophistication and timeless appeal, is making its way into children's rooms. Yes, you heard right — plaid wallpaper for nursery rooms is currently making waves in interior design, and it's easy to see why. Plaid blends seamlessly with various design styles, creating a room that's both cozy and visually stunning. 



A new nursery trend that's taking center stage is the linen color wallpaper. It's unassuming yet undeniably inviting, setting a soothing stage that is the perfect canvas for your nursery decorations. A shade that hides between warm and cool, linen feels organic and relaxed.



Gingham, an evergreen pattern with an endearing country charm, is gaining popularity in nursery interiors. Its simplicity, versatility, and soothing appeal make gingham wallpaper a beautiful choice to style your nursery. If you prefer a softer, calming ambiance, pastel gingham wallpapers could be your go-to option. Baby blue, blush pink, mint green, or pale lavender gingham brings in a gentle, serene atmosphere.

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6. Garden Florals

Bring the breathtaking beauty of gardens indoors with vibrant, delicate floral patterns. These designs imbued with rich, enchanting hues evoke images of Springtime blossoms and Summer florals, making the room feel alive and inspiring. The delicate symmetry and artistry of each petal, leaf, and stem create a captivating tapestry of colors and forms that adds depth and dimension to the nursery.

ella's nursery

7. Adorable Animals

Depicting a world of cute, friendly animals, this theme is a perennial favorite among kids and parents alike.


8. VINTAGE sophistication

Delicate vintage-inspired wallpapers are making a major comeback, emerging as one of the top trends. Parents are increasingly drawn to the nostalgic charm and timeless sophistication they encapsulate. The best part? Vintage-inspired designs, given their enduring appeal, ensure that even as your child grows, the room's aesthetic will effortlessly evolve. This trend is proving that old can indeed be gold when it comes to styling a unique, heartening space for your little one.

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9. CLASSIC Stripes

Striped wallpaper holds a steadfast place in interior design and is undeniably a classic and timeless design choice for nursery walls. Its stylistic appeal lies in its simplicity, versatility, and the soothing rhythm it brings to a space.

Striped patterns can cater to a multitude of tastes, based on the chosen colors, stripe thickness, and orientation. Bright contrasting stripes can add a playful touch, while more muted, pastel hues can transform the nursery into an oasis of calm. Vertical stripes can create an illusion of height and elegance, while horizontal stripes can add a sense of width, exuding a more relaxed vibe. 


10. Celestial Dreams

Encourage a love for astronomy with a celestial-themed wallpaper, dotted with twinkling stars, galaxies, moons, and maybe a planet or two. Every detail featured is a nod to the mysteries and wonders of outer space, fostering an environment for learning, curiosity, and creativity.


11. SOOTHING Waves

This mesmerizing wallpaper design brings a touch of serenity to the nursery, echoing soothing ocean waves. Reminiscent of nature's own lullaby, the ocean waves pattern serves as a visual stimulant while maintaining a calming presence. Furthermore, the aqueous palette blends seamlessly with a variety of décor styles and colors. So, in addition to instilling a cozy, peaceful atmosphere, this wallpaper adds a touch of nautical charm, infusing the room with a sense of adventure and a love for the sea.


12. Fancy Flamingos

This tastefully designed, whimsical flamingo pattern is sure to add a pop of charm to any nursery.


13. Boho Dreams

An ethereal boho wallpaper invites a sense of creative freedom and relaxed, joyful vibes.


14. Jungle Journey

Evoke a sense of wanderlust and nurture the adventurous spirit of your baby with exotic, jungle-themed wallpaper. This thrilling design choice transports the nursery room into the heart of lush rainforests, captivating the young mind with images of verdant foliage, exotic animals, and vibrant bursts of tropical colors.


15. Pastel Impressions

Soft pastel wallpapers are not only gentle on the eye, but they also provide a peaceful, soothing ambiance.


16. Stylish Geometrics

Geometric patterns in muted or bold hues add depth and a modern aesthetic.



The Florencecourt wallpaper, with its stunning display of intricate botanical motifs, is making significant strides in nursery designs. Named after the picturesque Florence Court Forest Park in Northern Ireland, its unique blend of elegantly detailed foliage and florals resonates perfectly with today's parents seeking an enchanting yet sophisticated aesthetic for their little ones' sanctuaries. The whimsical, hand-drawn style elevates the space, making it feel airy, inviting, and full of charm. 


18. Underwater Adventure

Recreate a fun, under-the-sea-themed nursery, encouraging your little one's fascination for marine life.

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A tropical foliage wallpaper for a baby's nursery is a delightful trend sweeping across interior design. It brings forth a lively panorama of lush greens and exotic plants, fostering an enchanting, adventurous atmosphere. But this theme isn't merely about style; it's also about subtly instilling a love for nature at an early age. Splashes of rich, verdant hues against the soft neutral backdrop of a nursery not only brightens the room but also adds depth and visual intrigue.



This whimsical motif can transform any space into a serene sky-like haven, providing an ethereal backdrop that stimulates your baby's imagination and sense of wonder. The dreamy cloud patterns, available in an array of color schemes, can create a peaceful, restful environment ideal for encouraging sweet dreams. Furthermore, this soothing yet captivating design has a timeless appeal, ensuring that it can continue to provide a relaxing ambiance as your child grows. From whisper-soft pastels to realistic sky hues, dreamy cloud wallpaper enables you to design a nursery that allies style, tranquility, and whimsy alike.

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