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The nursery rug plays a big part in the design of a space and can bring a room together by adding the contrast, cohesion, or comfort that your space needs. And neutral nursery rugs are a timeless, versatile choice and the perfect accessory to elevate your baby's nursery. Ahead, we are rounding the best neutral nursery rugs of 2023.

Adding a neutral nursery rug is one of our favorite ways to create an effortlessly elegant look that's calming and welcoming in the baby's space. From cool grays to warm, earthier neutrals, a neutral rug adds warmth and coziness to your space but keeps it bright and airy.

When choosing a neutral nursery rug, look for one with texture and pattern. Also, when decorating with neutrals- layering is the key to making the space visually interesting and keeping it from falling flat.

2023 best neutral nursery rugs

If you're thinking of decorating with a neutral rug, read on to be inspired by these beautiful neutral nursery rug ideas.

20 beautiful NEUTRAL NURSERY RUGS OF 2023

1.Meena Fading Garden Washable Area Rug

Look at this beautiful neutral nursery rug that's machine washable, spill and stain resistant! Shop

2.Minoa Area Rug

We love the traditional design with hexagonal patterns in black, beige, and other soft shades. Shop

3.Florid Mystique Fringe Area Rug

This is a gorgeous rug with a nod to traditional Persian design to anchor the space. Shop

4.Chris Loves Julia x Loloi Francis Collection FRA-01

Elevate your baby's nursery with this beautiful 100% wool rug with a diamond and grid pattern. Shop

5.Margot Oriental Antique/Sage Area Rug

Here is a beauty we wouldn't mind using in our designs over and over again! The rug features a timeless and classic design that helps ground the space and create a welcoming look. Shop

6.Ovid Viscose Rug

A beautiful gray rug with a medallion pattern and intricate geometric borders anchor the space. Shop

7.EDESSA Fringed Medallion Area Rug

So much to love about this neutral nursery rug! From the timeless look to the beautiful design and versatility- this rug is a keeper. Shop

8.Senna Rug

This bestselling rug is crafted by hand and makes for a statement rug that's also neutral. Shop

9. Natural Solaria Jute Banded Area Rug

Let this neutral rug anchor your nursery with its beautiful pattern, soft fibers, and polished look. Shop

10. Kayla Checkerboard Tiled Area Rug

This rug has a neutral color palette, soft texture, and a gorgeous design that helps anchor the space. Shop

11.waffell DiamonD Trellis Tassel Area Rug

Add this neutral nursery rug with a beautiful raised motif and texture to create a cozy, welcoming look in the nursery. Shop

12.jonathan Adler Ink-drop Black & Ivory Rug

Look at this exquisite neutral nursery rug with ink-inspired lines that form a striped, geometric pattern. Shop

13. Era Rug

Instantly upgrade your nursery's look with this cozy geometric design wool rug. Shop

14. Anyae Geometric Handmade Flatweave Rug

For a neutral nursery rug, this one hits all the marks. It adds texture, dimension, and comfort to the space. Shop

15. Almana Black & White Rug

Add this washable neutral nursery rug with a timeless appeal and stunning details to the nursery to make a beautiful statement. Shop

16. Courtyard Cream Rug

This rug offers a soft, cozy neutral base with lovely cream tones and texture that makes it visually interesting. Shop

17. Chris Loves Julia x Loloi Polly Checkered RUG

This rug is so unique and beautiful. It's hand-tufted of wool and jute pile with a classic gridded design. Shop

18.Faye Rug

Take a moment to admire this neutral nursery rug with a hi-lo geometric pattern that adds dimension to your floors. Shop

19.Ria Geometric Washable Area Rug

Here is a welcoming rug with neutral tones and a geometric design that lends a timeless appeal. Shop

20.INTERLUDE Waves Shag Rug

Here is a neutral nursery rug to elevate a nursery design with its calming color scheme, soft texture, and pattern. Shop


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