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Wondering how to organize the toys in the nursery? It's not a far reach to say that in many instances, toys are the biggest culprits behind a messy nursery. Lucky for you, we've found the perfect solution -toy storage benches. Here we'll round up our favorite toy storage benches for the nursery.

Nursery organization calls for the right tools, and we are big fans of using a variety of nursery storage solutions to make an impact in the space. While there are many brilliant toy storage ideas for the nursery- read all about them here, we are drawn to toy storage benches. Hear us out!

top storage benches

Toy storage benches offer a second seat in the nursery. Add plenty of storage for toys and even blankets. Clean-up is super easy- toss the toys inside and close the lid. And, all those toys are out of sight when not in play. In a nutshell- toy storage benches keep your nursery organized and are a game changer.

11 TOY STORAGE BENCHES FOR THE NURSERY That Are Equal Parts Stylish and Functional

1.Anaise Cane Storage Bench

Featuring curves and mid-century caning- this storage bench offers plenty of toy storage in a linen-lined space. Shop

2.Melrose Upholstered Storage Bench

How gorgeous is this storage bench? Graceful curves, upholstered fabric, a metal frame, and a spacious interior makes this storage bench a winner. Shop

3. Tamsen King Storage Bench

We love everything about this storage bench and only wish we could have had it sooner! It looks gorgeous and is a comfortable seat, but the amount of storage it offers is simply amazing! Shop


This luxuriously practical storage bench has curves, soft lines, and plenty of concealed storage for toys making it the perfect addition to the nursery or any room. Shop

5.DM Furniture Storage Bench

Snag this affordable storage bench with a cushioned top, hidden storage, and luxurious sherpa fabric. Shop

6. Gather Deep Leather Storage Ottoman with Tray

A storage bench this beautiful, smooth, and spacious might but too good to be true, but in this case, it's not. Shop

7.Fuji Boucle Upholstered Oval Storage Bench

Spacious enough to store toys in the nursery, this oval storage bench has a modern style, plush boucle fabric, and a spacious interior with three storage compartments for all of your nursery toy storage needs. Shop

8.Amalfi Upholstered Flip Top Storage Bench

For a beautiful, spacious, and affordable storage bench that packs in style and function, consider this one with tufting, extra wide seating, and ample space for toy storage. Shop

9. Anapatricia Flip Top Storage Bench

This storage bench offers a clean, minimal look with plenty of practicality. It features an oval silhouette, horizontal channel tufting, and hidden storage for toys in the nursery. Shop

10.Garraway Upholstered Flip Top Storage Bench

With its clean lines and beautiful design, this affordable storage bench looks good and has plenty of storage to spare. Shop

11. Terrence Storage Bench

This storage bench is a good buy with its oval shape, modern look, plush boucle fabric, and storage for the nursery. Shop


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