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Designing a gender neutral nursery is a refreshing departure from the traditional pink or blue route. Ahead- we'll share everything you need to know about designing a gender neutral nursery.

Creating a gender neutral nursery doesn't mean compromising on style or personality. Quite the contrary, these spaces often burst with creativity, taking on unique color schemes, innovative design solutions, and novel thematic concepts. No longer boxed into limited color palettes or stereotypical motifs, gender neutral nurseries offer a world of possibilities that caters to a broader range of aesthetics.

If you are planning on designing a gender neutral nursery, join us as we delve into detailed tips that cover everything from color choices and furniture selection through to accessories and artwork. 

tips when designing a gender neutral nursery


1. pick paint

When designing a gender neutral nursery, the first essential step is to select a neutral paint color. Not only does a neutral color accommodate diverse themes and styles, but it also lays the foundation for a stimulating and versatile backdrop for your little one's space. By starting with a balanced color scheme, you can easily build and adapt the nursery to accommodate evolving tastes and preferences as your child grows, inviting a world of creative possibilities while maintaining a serene atmosphere.

designing a gender neutral nursery

2. choose the furniture

When outlining the plan for furniture selection in your gender-neutral nursery, it’s recommended to gravitate towards pieces that echo the neutrality of your overall color scheme and exhibit clean, simplistic lines. The synergy of neutral-toned furniture effortlessly blends with any interior aesthetic, creating the perfect harmony between the nursery items and the room’s minimalist style. Additionally, furnishings with simple lines grant a timeless appeal and flexibility, allowing them to seamlessly blend with the evolving decor and themes as your child grows. 



A well-chosen area rug can play a pivotal role in creating a harmonious aesthetic in your gender-neutral nursery. It's not merely an accessory, but a substantial component that weaves your selected furniture pieces into a unified design story. Select a rug that enhances the room's furniture and overall color scheme, morphing the nursery into a well-integrated and pleasing space.

When choosing the rug for your gender-neutral nursery, consider not just the color but also the texture, pattern, and size. Whether it's a soft pastel hue or a bold geometric pattern, the rug should tie together the other elements of the room. Furthermore, it can introduce an element of fun, surprise, or elegance, depending on your desired outcome.

designing a gender neutral nursery


Designing a nursery, regardless of whether it's gender-neutral or carries a more specific theme, necessitates incorporating designated storage solutions as an essential part of the planning process. Employing a variety of storage options, such as baskets, bins, bookshelves, and closets, can significantly enhance the organization of your baby's nursery. Effective storage solutions not only help maintain a clutter-free space but also ensure that essentials are easily accessible, contributing to the overall efficiency and ease of use within the nursery.

designing a gender neutral nursery

5. accessorize

Imbue your gender-neutral nursery with an infusion of distinct personality by tastefully accentuating it with accessories. Consider incorporating elements like artistically designed bedding, ethereal canopies, captivating wall decor, and more. These additions not only breathe life into the space but also mirror your aesthetic preferences, transforming the nursery into more than just a room, but a vibrant depiction of your distinctive style.

designing a gender neutral nursery

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