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Flying with a baby can be a stressful experience. However, with careful planning you can make flying with a baby less cumbersome and safer for the whole family. So today we are sharing  25 tips for flying with a baby and must-have items when flying with a baby.



1. Even though a baby under 2 years can travel without a ticket, having a separate seat for the baby is much safer. During turbulence and take off/landing, lap babies are the most affected according to reports.

2. If your baby is going to be on your lap, inquire upon arriving at the gate if there are any open seats. Having extra space will be a huge help.

3. Bring an FAA approved car seat or a child safety restraint to keep the baby safely strapped during takeoff/landing, turbulence and whenever possible. We have a separate lightweight and affordable FAA approved car seat purchased just for our travels.

4. Pick seats that are in the front of the plane versus the back. The back of the plane is much noisier than the front and vibrates more as well. Also, be mindful that there are certain restrictions on where child seats can be placed.

5. Ask for a bulkhead row seat if you think your little one needs that extra space in the front to wiggle around every now and then.

6. Bring a well stocked diaper bag with a few extra outfits and diapers.

7. Buy a backpack diaper bag to take along when flying with a baby.

8. Dress the baby in comfortable clothes. I tend to dress my little one in bodysuits and if it gets dirty, I just throw it away instead of lugging it around for the rest of the journey.

9. Make sure you have a few burp cloths within easy reach, should you need to clean/wipe the baby.

10. If you are breastfeeding, take along a travel nursing pillow to make breastfeeding comfortable for both you and the baby.

11. Pack your baby's favorite snacks. You can also take a small cooler with milk.

12. Bring a few toys to keep the baby occupied. I've found out that new toys always have a way of getting their attention.

13. Download baby's favorite tunes and shows on to your phone or a tablet to keep the baby engaged.

14. Make sure you wear a comfortable outfit and do pack a change of clothes for yourself as well. I've had my kids throw up on me during flights and I can tell you that the last thing you and other passengers want is for you to sit there reeking of puke.

15. Bring a portable changing pad with you, so you can do diaper changes on a sanitary surface.

16. Take along a baby carrier, so you can have your hands free whether standing in line to go through security or running to catch your connecting flight.

17. Get a tag for your stroller and check the stroller at the gate should you decide to take one on your flight.

18. Walk up and down the aisle if the baby gets fussy.

19. Don't be too stressed out on the flight. Just know that many of the passengers have been in your shoes before and will understand what it means to fly with a baby.

20. Take your time when going through the TSA lines. Know that the TSA officers can't hold the baby but will gladly help you get the things through the line should you need help.

21. When going through the TSA line you can keep the baby in the carrier but might have to take the baby out if the baby is in a stroller or car seat.

22. Ask the TSA officers if there is a designated line for strollers so you don't have to wait in long lines.

23. Board early if the airline allows it. You can get settled in before every else comes on board.

24. Get the baby some noise canceling ear muffs because of the  constant announcements and background noise.

25. Bring along plenty of sanitizing wipes. You'll put it to good use.


  • A baby carrier such as this one comes in handy when flying with a baby. It gives your arms a break and also allows you to push the luggage, etc.
  • backpack diaper bag also helps free your hands for other tasks.
  • An affordable and lightweight FAA approved car seat provides a safe place for baby during flights.
  • If your baby is older than 12 months you can use one of these FAA approved child restraints instead of having to carry a car seat around.
  • A car seat stroller quickly converts your car seat into a stroller so you don't have to carry the car seat to the plane.
  • A pack of affordable bodysuits to wear to during the flight.
  • Sofie the giraffe is an excellent teether /toy to take on the flight.
  • These earmuffs will protect your baby from noise during the flight.
  • A travel nursing pillow allows both mom and baby to be comfortable when nursing.


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