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We are sharing a tranquil modern coastal nursery design today.

Martha's Vineyard, a picturesque island brimming with stunning landscapes, fabulous weather, and glorious beaches, offers us our beloved annual summer retreat. Our family eagerly anticipates and treasures these moments.

This year, however, the sentimental value has escalated. Our friends, Alexa and Ray, are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their third bundle of joy. When they extended an invitation to assist in designing their nursery, I was deeply flattered and delighted.


The contemporary coastal nursery design showcases pristine white shiplap walls, sisal flooring, an abundance of natural elements, and splashes of vibrant hues. The immaculate white walls render the nursery with a luminous and spacious feel, while the natural textures imbue the design with depth. Bursts of color lend a playful atmosphere to the nursery. Maritime design facets introduce a coastal charm, gracefully tying together this modern, gender-neutral baby nursery design.

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