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We've another enchanting nursery design, this time inspired by the charming springtime hues of pink and aqua.

My inspiration for this particular nursery design was sparked by a sweet nursery print I found on Etsy. The delightful blend of pink, aqua, and gold forms an exceptional color scheme perfect for a baby's sanctuary.

pink and aqua nursery

I am a huge fan of the Bratt Decor Joy Crib and I thought this design called for such a splendid crib. I also love the etagere with its gleaming golden finish. A lux linen settee in a gorgeous pink offers a comfortable space for mom and baby to relax. A gilded chest with intricate details makes for a super chic diapering station with ample storage.

The nursery also has elements of whimsy from the colorful and joyful nursery prints to the handmade baby mobile. A canvas tepee tent along with some oh so plush friends, provides a delightful play area for the little one.

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