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We are showing you how to choose a baby stroller!

One of the first baby gear items parents look into as they get ready for baby's arrival is a baby stroller. There are so many different types of strollers with an array of options. But how do you choose a baby stroller?

If you are shopping around for a stroller, then our comprehensive guide on choosing a baby stroller, will help you pick a stroller that will work for your family's needs.


1.Types of strollers

There are several different types of strollers, each with unique features.

types of strollers

Standard Strollers

Standards strollers are full sized strollers and they are designed for optimal comfort. They have a lot of features such as a reclining seat, storage options, snack tray, car seat adaptability etc.


Travel Systems

A travel system includes a stroller, a car seat and a car seat base. They have many of the same features as a standard stroller but you also get a car seat and a car seat base at the same time.


Universal Systems

A universal system is a collapsible, four wheeled frame that you can use to transport your baby's car seat.


Umbrella Strollers

Umbrella strollers are lightweight and easy to fold.



A carriage provides a flat sleeping surface for the baby, along with a retractable hood to protect the baby from the elements.


Double Strollers

A double stroller can accommodate more than one baby. It could be side by side or in-line with one baby in front of the other.


Jogging Strollers

A jogging stroller is aerodynamically designed to make sure that the baby has a smooth ride. It also has a superior suspension system.


All Terrain Strollers

All terrain strollers have many of the features of a full sized stroller in addition to the functionality of a jogging stroller.


2.Features to consider when picking a stroller

  • Five Point Harness: A five point harness secures the baby in the seat.
  • Maneuverability: You want to get a stroller that is easy to maneuver.
  • Car Seat Adaptability :If you are getting a full size stroller or an all terrain stroller, look for one that is compatible with your car seat.
  • Easy to Fold: Look for a stroller that folds easily, preferably with one hand.
  • Multi-position seat :If you are purchasing a full size stroller, look for a stroller with adjustable seat positions.
  • Adjustable Handle Bars :A stroller with a adjustable handlebar allows you to position the handlebar to suit your preferences.
  • Storage: A spacious and easy to access storage basket to store the diaper bag
  • Seat Reversibility: Does the little one have the option of facing you or face out to see the world?
  • Canopy: A canopy to protect the baby from the elements.
  • Tray: A snack tray to put munchies for the baby.
  • Cup Holders: Parents need a snack and a drink too!
  • Suspension: A good suspension allows your baby to enjoy a smooth ride in the stroller.
  • Brakes: A parking brake prevents the stroller and the baby from taking off.


How do you know it's the right stroller for the baby?



As you consider the different types of strollers, there are a few important things to bear in mind.

  • For babies under 6 months, a car seat is the safest option. It has a five point harness to secure the baby to the seat. Plus, you can transfer the car seat with a sleeping baby to the stroller without waking the baby up.
  • You can get a standard stroller that is compatible with your car seat, a universal stroller or a travel system should you decide that you want the baby to be in the car seat when strolling.
  • If you want the baby to use a bassinet, remember the baby will only be able to use the bassinet for the first few months.
  • Once the baby is able to hold her head up, you can transition the baby to the stroller seat itself. However, it is important to  secure the baby to the seat with a five point harness.
  • Due to the jostling involved with jogging strollers, experts as well as stroller manufactures recommend you use a jogging stroller only when the baby is around 8 months.
  • Yet another important factor to consider is your lifestyle. Do you require a lightweight stroller, something that is compact or something that works on a multitude of terrains?
  • Finally, how about your budget. Do you want to use a certain kind of stroller for the first few months and then get something else. Or, would you rather get a stroller that is versatile.



What are some important safety considerations when picking a stroller?

  • The stroller must have good brakes that are easy to operate.
  • A five point harness is essential to secure the baby in the stroller.
  • Don't use the handles of the stroller to hang your diaper bag on. The weight will cause the stroller to tip backwards.
  • According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission(CPSC), hinge issues have resulted in pinched, cut or amputated fingers or arms. Therefore, keep the baby away from the stroller when you are opening and folding the stroller.


What are the best baby strollers on the market?

If you are looking for specific stroller picks, here's our post with picks for the best baby strollers.


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