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Let's take a look at baby playtime essentials!

Your little one needs playtime not only to keep her engaged and entertained but also for her to progress. From developing baby's motor skills to hand eye coordination and social skills, baby's playtime is an important activity. It is also a special time for mom or dad to get down to her level and interact with the baby.

While there are many baby toys to pick from, there are some baby playtime essentials, which will make baby's playtime much more meaningful and enjoyable.

Here are our baby playtime essentials


A rattle is often one of the first toys your baby will have. This Baby Einstein take along music toy will delight the little one. Not only will the bright colors and easy to grasp handle captivate baby's attention but the baby will also develop an appreciation for music.

baby playtime essentials


2.Baby Play Mat

Tummy time is essential for baby's development. It helps to strengthen baby's head, neck and shoulder muscles. A mat like this Baby Einstein Play Gym is just what you need to put the baby on. In addition to the nice comfy surface, it also has toy attachments as well as melodies and lights to keep the little one entertained

baby playtime essentials


3.Baby Bouncer

Whether you need to grab something to eat or a quick shower, the 4Moms Mamaroo Infant Seat is a wonderful bouncer for your little one to hang out in. The multi-position reclining seat allows the baby to take a nap or sit up and play. With five unique motions, built-in sounds and a mobile -your little one will have plenty to keep busy.




It is never too early to introduce your baby to books. By reading to the baby and looking at pictures together, your baby will develop an interest and a love for books. Interactive soft books and word books are  great additions to your baby's library.



5.Activity Center

Once your baby can hold his neck up, an activity center like this one, is great for exploratory play. The little one will enjoy bouncing around and playing with the different toys. Plus, this particular activity center can be used for years to come, since it can convert to a play table.

baby playtime essentials


6.Stacking Toy

Yet another of our picks for baby playtime essentials are stacking toys. These Stacking Rings  will help your baby develop hand eye coordination as well as fine motor skills.

baby playtime essentials


7.Shape Sorter

Shape sorters are wonderful toys for little ones to play with while developing their hand eye coordination and dexterity.

baby playtime


8.Baby Walker

As your baby learns to stand up and then eventually take his first step, having a walker will give the baby the confidence to start moving. A walker such as this Harpe Wonder wooden walker is both sturdy and fun.

baby playtime essentials


Your little one will enjoy playing with these baby playtime essentials while working towards his developmental goals. If you are looking for more toys, you can find a lot of unique toy finds in our Gift Guide.




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