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We are rounding up the best baby bouncers of 2023!

Why do we think that a baby bouncer is a must-have baby essential? Hear us out! So you've finally brought your baby home from the hospital. It is indeed an exciting time after months of anticipation. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends visit to see the baby. There's always someone around to help you when needed and hold the baby.

Eventually, things do settle down- your partner will go back to work, grandma will fly back home, and you will be alone at home with a tiny newborn.

But how do you manage to take a shower or grab a bite to eat? Who is going to hold the baby? Enter the dependable baby bouncer. For those of us who can't afford a live-in nanny, a baby bouncer is the next best option!

Here are our picks for the best baby bouncers in 2023- those that offer the perfect blend of style and functionality.




The  4Moms MamaRoo bouncer is ingeniously designed to help soothe the baby, just like mommy would. It features five unique motions-car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock a bye, and wave. You can also adjust the speed. It has four built-in sounds, but our favorite option-its compatibility with virtually any mp3 device.

The 4-moms mamaRoo also allows for multi-position recline, so the baby can be comfortable at all times. Did we mention that you can control it with your iPhone?

best baby bouncers


This simple and modern Baby Bjorn Bouncer is ergonomically designed to provide your baby with head and back support. Featuring super soft jersey fabric to keep your baby comfortable, three different reclining positions, and a flat fold for easy transport -this bouncer is a top contender for the best baby bouncer.


This rocker with rave reviews on Amazon is affordable and packed with features! It is a sleek, modern infant seat or rocker— with a low-profile frame that’s perfect for newborns. The rocker features two modes, a soft inlay, and three seat height positions.

best baby bouncers

This infant-to-toddler rocker acts as a bouncer when they are a baby with battery-operated vibrations, and then, as your baby grows, you can easily remove the toy bar and convert the seat to a toddler rocker. It's a great little rocker at an affordable price point!

best baby bouncers

Our picks for the best baby bouncers are all great bouncers and no matter what you choose-you're sure to pick one that you'll come to depend on for months to come!

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