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We are rounding up the must have diaper bag essentials.

Here's the thing- when you have a baby you need to always expect the unexpected and be prepared for anything. And, that includes when you are venturing outside the house with the baby.

As for the diaper bag, what should you pack in the diaper bag when venturing out? Here's a checklist of diaper bag essentials so you have a well stocked bag and ready to handle messes like a pro.

1.Diaper Bag

If you already have the diaper bag picked out, lets start packing. Otherwise, if you are still trying to choose a diaper bag read this post to find the best diaper bag. We share our picks for the most stylish, functional and durable diaper bags.


diaper bag organization hacks


When packing diapers, bear in mind that newborn babies feed every two hours or so, and that's when you'll probably be changing the diaper as well. So the amount of diapers will depend on your outing but generally around 5 diapers is a good amount to pack in the diaper bag.


3.On the Go Wipes Dispenser

Get this  on the go wipes dispenser to put your baby wipes in. When you are dealing with a squirmy little one, this dispenser opens with a push of a button and easily dispenses one wipe at a time.


4.Changing Pad

You'll need a changing pad and we love this Skip Hop Pronto Changing Station. It's available in many different designs and features an extra-wide mod changing pad which can be wiped clean Plus, the head area is cushioned with an innovative "pronto pillow" so your little one is comfortable during diaper changes.


5.Disposable Changing Pads

Place one of these disposable changing pads over the changing pad, so you don't have to worry about big messes on the changing pad. These disposable changing pads feature an ultra-thirsty three-layer design and leak-proof liners to absorb even the biggest messes.


6.Diaper Bag Dispenser

Keep one of these diaper bag dispensers in your diaper bag. When you have to change the baby and there's no trash can in sight-having disposable diaper bags will allow you to secure the dirty diaper in the bag until you can locate a trash can. The dispenser gives you access to the bags easily.


7.Wet and Dry Bag

Often times babies spit up all over their clothes or tend to get their clothes soiled and these amazing grab and go machine washable wet bags are just perfect to pack those clothes in. The bag will keep the leak and odor contained so your fabulous diaper bag does not reek of poop.


8.Rash Cream

Babies do get diaper rash and having one of these diaper rash creams in the diaper bag will allow you to get the baby some quick relief

9.Hand Sanitizing Wipes

These alcohol free hand sanitizing wipes are great to have in your diaper bag whether to sanitize your hands or a surface so the little one doesn't get any germs.


10.Extra Clothes

When packing clothes, it's good  to have several different pieces, so your prepared in case the weather turns or you get a little late at grandma's. Always pack a sleeper and a sweater in addition to a change of clothes.


11.Receiving Blankets

Whether in the house or out and about, keep a couple of these receiving blankets close by. They come in handy!


12.Burpy Bibs

You'll be amazed at how much time you'll spend burping the little one. Do put one of these soft muslin bibs over your shoulder to stay dry.


13.Nursing Cover

If you are breastfeeding your little one, pack a nursing cover for privacy. We love these Bebe au Lait Nursing covers with the patented open neckline.


14.Disposable Nursing Pads

These Lansinoh disposable nursing pads are exactly what you need in your diaper bag to prevent leaks.

15.Nipple Cream

When you are just starting to breastfeed, your nipples get sore and start to crack. This Lansinoh nipple cream is the go to cream, to relieve pain and heel nipples when breastfeeding.


16.Baby Bottle

If you are bottle feeding your baby, do pack a bottle to feed him on the go. We love these Comotomo Baby Bottles since it closely mimics natural breastfeeding.

17.Powder Formula Dispenser

If you're baby is having formula, this Powder Formula Dispenser will make feeding the baby on the go much easier. Just put a pre-measured portion of formula from the dispenser to the bottle, mix with water and you are good to feed the baby.


If your little one relies on her pacifier, don't forget to have a pacifier in the diaper bag.


It's always a good idea to pack a toy or two in the diaper bag. And, this Sophie the giraffe teether made from 100 percent natural rubber will be a huge hit.


20.Top for Mom


21.Snacks & Drink for Mom

There you go! That is the ultimate diaper bag essentials checklist- must have items for a well stocked diaper bag.




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