getting ready for baby

As a mom of three little munchkins, I know first hand all that goes into getting ready for the arrival of a new baby.From doctors appointments to registering for baby gifts to designing the baby nursery-there's a lot to get done.So,I've put together a set of must-have checklists to help you stay focused and organized as you prepare for the arrival of your precious blessing!

Must-Have Checklists

You'll find  a comprehensive baby registry checklist,hospital bag packing checklist,pediatrician interview questions list &  50 things to do before baby arrives list.All these checklists can be downloaded for free and they are my gift to you for being such awesome readers.

pregnancy journal

 Pregnancy Planner

I've also designed the Ultimate Pregnancy Planner to plan for the baby's arrival,chronicle your pregnancy,record the milestones and keep track of appointments.With over 85 pages including a 9 month perpetual calender,pages for the sonogram pictures,nursery design plan,baby registry plan,-you'll have everything you'll need to stay focused and organized!