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Organizing the nursery is hard for many of us as we try to get the nursery ready for the baby's arrival. And, as in most situations, the space lacks a nursery closet. You'll need to get creative with finding space for baby clothes and other things. Ahead, the best open wardrobe ideas for the nursery that are practical and gorgeous- you wouldn't mind keeping baby's clothes in the open.

Choosing the right open storage system for baby clothes depends on your budget and style. A good open wardrobe for the nursery will ideally help you corral baby's clothes and curate the most loved clothing, thus avoiding clutter. You can go with a free-standing clothes rack, a Montessori wardrobe, install a closet system on a wall, or use a shelves/rod combination.

30 ways to organize baby clothes with an open nursery wardrobe

Just check out these examples of open nursery wardrobe ideas for inspiration and hang baby's clothes out in the open without them looking like a mess.

30 Ways to Organize baby clothes with an open nursery wardrobe

If you lack a nursery closet but have a blank wall in the space, try installing some shelves and a clothes rod.

open wardrobe ideas for the nursery

Some clothes racks are cute and are a great way to organize and store baby clothes in the nursery. And, you can move it around if you need to.

open wardrobe ideas

Consider a Montessori wardrobe like this one where you get to organize the baby's clothes and the baby gets to develop the essential life skill of dressing up early on.

nontessori wardrobe ideas

Find shelves and rods to add storage to the nursery while adding interest to the design, like this setup below.

open wardrobe ideas

You can also use a baby clothes rack like this to store and organize baby clothes.

open nursery storage

Here is another beautiful Montessori wardrobe with plenty of storage for baby clothes and visual labels.

montessori wardrobe ideas

A blank wall, chalk paint, shelves, and rods are everything you need to create an open wardrobe in the nursery.

open wardrobe ideas for the nursery

This Montessori wardrobe is an IKEA hack that doesn't take much work or money.

montessori wardrobe ideas

Go for an open wardrobe using a clothes rack and showcase a curated collection of baby's favorite outfits.

decorate nursery walls with clothes

You've got an alcove in the nursery and we've got a solution. Create an open nursery wardrobe just like this one to organize baby clothes.

The shelf décor artfully plays with texture and color to make the shelf shine, while the rods allow for baby clothes storage.

nursery shelf decor ideas

The closet shelf and rod give this diapering station much-needed clothes storage in the nursery.


Ditch the nursery closet doors and add curtains to enhance a small nursery closet so it looks like an extension of the nursery.

best nursery closets of 2022

The cube storage organizer instantly helps maximize space in the nursery closet.

best nursery closet ideas 2022

Use this storage organizer to create a Montessori wardrobe by adding a rod and baskets.

ikea hacks in the baby's room 2021

No closet in the nursery? Get yourself a beautiful baby clothes rack and set it up to organize the baby's clothes.

best baby room designs

This cute display holds a variety of nursery décor and gives you much-needed space for hanging baby's outfits.

open wardrobe ideas for the nursery

Adding a baby clothes storage rack to the nursery is a great choice when you need space to organize baby clothes.

open wardrobe ideas for nursery

A unique nursery shelf to help you capture your baby's curated clothing collection.

open wardrobe for the nursery

This streamlined clothes rack adds nursery storage to the tightest of spaces.

open wardrobe ideas for the nursery

This open nursery wardrobe design makes the most of the space above the dresser or the changing table by adding extra storage.

open wardrobe ideas for the nursery

Use a blank wall and maximize function by adding this open wardrobe solution for the nursery.

open wardrobe ideas for the nursery

We love this nursery open wardrobe idea when you don't have a closet. Utilize a corner in the nursery to create an open wardrobe with shelves, rods, a dresser, and a few wall organizers for maximum organization.


We love simplicity too-like this setup to get some extra storage for clothes.

clever and stylish nursery organization

This clothing rack hits all the spots- stylish, surprisingly affordable, and helps you get the nursery organized.

way to organize baby clothes in the nursery

Not only do these IKEA spice racks make great book racks, but also clothing rods.

open nursery wardrobe

When designing an open wardrobe for the nursery- whimsical elements can help elevate the space.

open nursery wardrobe

If the nursery happens to have a small closet, taking the doors off and adding a rack and a rolling cart can make a big difference in the space.

open nursery wardrobe ideas

Your baby's nursery may not have a built-in closet or perhaps have a tiny nursery closet. Good news: With some imagination, you can add storage solutions that are stylish and help you organize the baby's clothes

nursery wardrobe


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